We did not elect you

We did not elect a former liberal CBC journalist with separatist sympathies, who believes she was elected because she was “hot”, to become Governor General, a position which can determine the country’s government and prime minister for years without an election.

We did not elect the Bloc or elect to have the Bloc, a Party whose stated goal is the break-up of Canada, to be given veto power over Canada’s laws.

We did not vote for a Socialist coalition, propped up by Separatists, whose ideological aim is to borrow against our children’s future and spend the money on stupid welfare programs that in the words of their messiah himself are a “bridge to no where”.

We did not elect to give Jacques Parizeau and Gilles Duceppe the power to extort billions of dollars from the rest of Canada and the West in particular.

We did not vote to support and encourage the Quebec Welfare State for the benefit of lazy malcontents and at the expense of our hard work and toil.

We do not think it’s right that the majority of MPs who actually believe in a unified Canada should not be able to govern this country (145-113:  Conservative – 143, Independent – 2 vs. Liberal – 76, NDP – 37). 

We did not elect to be ruled by Quebonto.

We did not elect a man to be Prime Minister who was Mr. Clarity Act to the Separatists one day and Mr. Charity Act the next day.

We did not elect a coalition of godless socialists, one third of which is hell bent on the break-up of Canada, to represent a country which is neither godless nor socialist nor separatist.

We did not elect a man to the position of Prime Minister who will be leaving the post in a few months, a post he has never held or earned, and whose leadership and policies were soundly rejected by the Canadian people 7 weeks ago.

We did not elect a man to be Prime Minister who is not even supported by his own Party, but rather represents only a minority view in that Party, and a fractional interest of the country as a whole.

And finally, we did not elect Taliban Jack as our Deputy Prime Minister.

5 thoughts on “We did not elect you

  1. this is a logical consequence of the fact that during the past two years the Liberals did NOT vote against things they disagreed with, expressly because they did not want to trigger an election which they thought they would lose. They did not want to play democracy, rather they wanted to play politics. And so now again, instead of saying to the Liberals “we will work with you as long as we can but vote against you when we have to”, they play politics and jump right away to “we will destroy you”.

  2. At this point in time, unless the three parties find ways to accept confidence of the House, they will be only seekinng a temporary coalition which will only lead to another election within the next year, and I strongly do not forsee that this will please the Canadian people at all. Better to leave the mandate and work with it to gain the confidence of the Canadian people let alone the confidence of the House. The people must matter now and when they see the parties back to work with faith, they will have some too. Otherwise, it is robbed from them by Ottawa’s disbelief. So begin to believe rather than doubt and make it work without another election in 2009.

  3. we did not vote for a coalition and if this means another election to get rid of a force coalition on the Canadian people so be it.

  4. I don’t know even what to say about this post. You’re wrong on everything. Maybe you should just move to oklahoma or wherever and join the KKK, you anti french racist bastard pacheco.

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