We Cookie Worshippers

Members of my family, in the London diocese, were all commanded to stand for the reception of Holy Communion; their parish priest berated them that such behaviour would not be tolerated in “his church.” As if that were not shocking enough he labelled them, “cookie worshipers”!”

I’m just wondering to myself:  just how bad does it have to get before we dump this Ecclesiastical establishment?

If they don’t believe in the Church’s central doctrines, and they don’t act like they do, just how long do we have to put up with it before calling out that the Emperor has no clothes?  Seriously.  As Catholics are we bound to stay in Communion with the open heretics?  I don’t think so. 

What’s really scary is the fact that most people in the pew won’t bat an eyelid at what this priest says.  40 years of social justice drugs does that to you.  But as for the rest of us, we need to do something and let the professionals know that it’s not business as usual anymore.

Maybe we can petiton Rome for our own Ordinariate within the Church, like the Anglicans got.

Dear Holy Father, please consider this our application for our little Ordinariate . 

We like to call it “Catholic”.

Yours sincerely,

Beleagured in the Great White North 

11 thoughts on “We Cookie Worshippers

  1. Here in Halifax, our bishop has asked people to stand after receiving Communion as well, however the priests are doing their own thing in their parishes. One woman said that, in her church, the priest asked people to stand and it was 18 minutes before Communion was over. Seems a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it? especially since the median age of church attendees is getting up there.

  2. The Church belongs to Jesus. Anyone who worship’s someone else can choose to do so, it’s a free democratic country, as long as Christianity is kept out of Government, Law and Education, say the majority, now that they believe they have a better worldview. There are consequences for choosing to live in Sodom, by electing Politically Correct Politicians, who pass their Bills into laws that are imposed on everyone else. What do you expect in Sodom? In a democracy our citizens can choose which government rules them, and who’s priests to believe. The Good Shepherd knows his sheep, and He say’s they can tell His voice from those of the hireling.

  3. Not my family, Fr. Tim. Follow the link.

    What’s the point in emailing Bishop Fabbro. We know his loooooooooooonnnng history and this particular buck starts and stop with him. He’s in the tank for the wrong side.

    Catholics should write to the Nuncio and complain LOUDLY.

  4. I am sorry if I am a bit dense, but I take from this article and comments that this new “posture” after Communion is incorrect? Here in the diocese of Sault Ste. Marie we have been instructed to stand until everyone receives the Host, then either sit or kneel after the Hosts are returned to the tabernacle. I hate it. Do Bishops have discretion in this matter? My sister in the Diocese of Toronto, and a friend (and Catholic priest/military chaplain) in Virginia said their churches did not undertake this new posture. No use talking to my Bishop…..do I have to write to Rome?

  5. Laura,
    Thanks for commenting. You are not dense.
    The posture is not “wrong” per se. The problem is that the local bishop should not be coercing people to adopt a posture against their will after receiving communion. Rome has made it abundantly clear that after receiving communion the faithful are free to stand, sit or kneel, as they prefer, in accordance with what will facilitate each individual’s worship of the God they have received. The bishops are bossing people around like bullies in a playground as it is disturbing the worship due to Christ in this most sublime sacrament.

    Thank you for informing us that the problem is also prevalent in Sault Ste Marie.

  6. Laura,
    I forgot to mention: please do write to your bishop and copy the Nuncio and the Vatican on your correspondence. Details below:

    Archbishop Pedro López Quintana
    Apostolic Nuncio to Canada
    Apostolic Nunciature
    724 Manor Avenue
    Ottawa, Ontario K1M 0E3
    Tel.: (613) 746-4914
    Fax: (613) 746-4786

    Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera
    Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
    Palazzo delle Congregazioni,
    00193 Roma,
    Piazza Pio XII, 10

  7. Laura, et al:

    Question: Does everybody have to stand until the last person has received Holy Communion?

    Francis Cardinal Arinze: “There is no rule from Rome that everybody must stand during Holy Communion. There is no such rule from Rome. So, after people have received Communion, they can stand, they can kneel, they can sit. But a bishop in his diocese or bishops in a country could say that they recommend standing or kneeling. They could. It is not a law from Rome. They could — but not impose it. Perhaps they could propose. But those who want to sit or kneel or stand should be left reasonable freedom.”


    Address the letter to the Cardinal Prefect in Rome and copy to the Nuncio if you choose, but write first to Rome.

    Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera
    Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
    Palazzo delle Congregazioni,
    00193 Roma,
    Piazza Pio XII, 10

  8. Thank you for clarifying the “standing” after Communion dilemna/ My daughter is quite upset about it and I told her I would kneel after Holy Communion—-
    I am happy to learn this is not a directive from Rome!!

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