Wave of Christian Movies Coming to a Theatre Near You

Christian movie-makers are taking to the Silver Screen

Hollywood hasn’t seen a Bible blockbuster since 2004, when “The Passion of the Christ” raked in $600 million world-wide, but there has been a robust market for several studios cheaply producing Christian-themed movies on DVD. Now, the producers behind low-budget faith-based films are trying their hands at limited theatrical releases.

If current schedules stay in place, as many as 15 faith-based movies could be released in U.S. theaters over the next year. A couple of them are being distributed by well-known studios, such as Roadside Attractions with “Grace Unplugged,” starring Christian singer-songwriter AJ Michalka. And a small division of Sony Corp. recently released “Unstoppable,” a sermon-style movie with former “Growing Pains” actor and evangelical Kirk Cameron about finding God amid human struggle. (Source, may require a subscription)

At least one upcoming movie has a superstar actor lined up. Twentieth Century Fox is planning to release a movie next year called “Exodus”, where Christian Bale (of Batman fame) will play Moses and Ridley Scott (Prometheus, Gladiator) will be either directing or producing. (I really like Christian Bale, but I have trouble seeing him as Moses.)

Many stories in the Bible are grandiose and impressive. A good movie-maker should be able to make really impressive flicks with a number of those stories. The life of David, for example, was filled with battles, man hunts, family struggles and episodes of loyalty, betrayal, lust, murder and repentance. It could be made into a great movie featuring action, drama and suspense. (I could certainly see Christian Bale playing David).

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