Watching & Baiting Us

Mark Fournier
Free Dominion
January 18, 2008

CHRC operative Dean Steacy is a Free Dominioner
Earlier this week in a Toronto federal courtroom a lawyer representing the Canadian Human Rights Commission surrendered the commission’s position that it should be able to continue to [self-servingly] conceal information behind Section 37 of the Canadian Evidence Act. The commission made this move because they knew the judge’s decision would go against them and they didn’t want future operations bound by a potentially restrictive ruling.This opened to the public testimony given in a closed CHRC tribunal by one of the commission’s operatives, Dean Steacy. Part of that testimony is reproduced here:

1. Do any investigators post on am not aware of any investigator other than me, who has posted on Stormfront.2. Getting back to Jadewarr, do Commission employees sign up accounts on Stormfront, under pseudonyms such as “Jadewarr”?

I used the Jadewarr email address to create an account on Stormfront. I am not aware whether or not other investigators have created other accounts on Stormfront.

3. Do you know who Jadewarr is?

Jadewarr is not a person, it is an email address and a user account on I created the Jadewarr email address on and the Jadewarr account on Stormfront. I have used the Jadewarr email address and the Jadewarr account on Stormfront on occasion, in the course of investigating complaints. I am not aware of anyone else having used the Jadewarr email address or account.

4. To your knowledge, is Jadewarr a Commission employee?

See above.

5. As part of your duties, have you ever signed up with a message board and made postings?

Yes, I have done so using the Jadewarr account in investigating section 13 complaints.

One of the many questions remaining to be answered is why did CHRC operative Dean Steacy register at Free Dominion using his official Section 13 complaint screen name ‘jadewarr’ on April 5, 2006?View Dean Steacy’s Free Dominion public profile. (Note he used the same official investigative email address he spoke of in his testimony.)

According to the documents Connie and I were served from the Canadian Human Rights Commission last summer, Marie-Line Gentes did not bring Free Dominion to the commission’s attention with her bogus complaint against us until September 29th, 2006, over five months after Dean Steacy began his ‘investigation’ by registering as jadewarr. It may be coincidence, but the posting that ultimately caused poor Ms. Gentes such distress happened to be posted just two weeks after Dean Steacy began his complaintless investigation of Free Dominion by registering.

Why was Dean Steacy investigating Free Dominion half a year before any complaint was filed? And is there a connection between Dean Steacy and Marie-Line Gentes? (

Careful now, everyone. There could be one of these HRC operatives on your discussion board or blog, watching you, baiting you, or getting someone to be offended on their behalf. 

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