Wars Were Fought For Lesser Things

Here’s an oldie that is sure to reignite:  The D&P abortion scandal is still going on. And Lent is not too far away.  Those yellow envelopes which collect the dough for D&P at the annual Lenten collection will soon be faithfully deposited in the collection plate.

What do you think the chances are that the money collected will continue to go to pro-abort groups in the Global South?  Pretty damn good, you say?  Yep.  Business as usual.

And what do you think the chances are that Canadian Catholics will be largely kept in the dark by this country’s bishops?  Is it not reasonable to ask that if the bishops of Canada continue to fund pro-abort groups in the Global South that they at least make an announcement to us useful idiots in the pews?  Isn’t that the least they can do?

But you and I both know that even this small and reasonable request will not be granted, for obvious reasons.   How exactly would they phrase their Statement? 

Development & Peace, our official development and aid agency, is sponsoring pro-abort groups in the Global South.  These groups, in addition to furthering dubious political causes, propagate anti-Catholic, anti-family, and virulently pro-abortion political and social views.  Please don’t let these small and inconsequential facts get in the way of your generous donation this Lent. We’ve set up a phoney-baloney committee to address your concerns in October.  May God bless you generously for donating to our failed social justice legacy.”

If the bishops of Canada continue to collect on behalf of Development & Peace and the pro-abort groups that they sponsor continue to receive Canadian money, I intend to do something about it. 

If the unborn are going to suffer because of this unacceptable and odious practice, I don’t see why we shouldn’t spread the pain around a bit.

I don’t want a war with the bishops, but if they refuse to move, then they’re going to have a public relations war.

It’s as simple as that.

Maybe this little blog here is not something for them to worry about.  After all, what can a blogger or two do?

But I am going to try, just the same.

2 thoughts on “Wars Were Fought For Lesser Things

  1. The age of sex consent is no longer 14 in Canada because of what a Social Conservative blogger or two and a Catholic professor organized. Our Bishops are still sleeping John.

  2. John, it is the little blog or two that kept the Canadian bishops awake and wondering for much of the past year. The little blog or two, and serious prayer, is our best weapon!

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