Warriors for gay rights: The Conservatives have become unlikely LGBT supporters

Just goes to show that you should never vote for the Party.  Always vote for the candidate and their positions. 

Many social conservatives voted for the Conservatives because they thought Harper would at least hold the fort, even though he was a laggard on pro-life legislation.  That’s why, in my Riding, people held their noses and voted for Baird.

Big mistake.  Now Harper is pink and Baird is our Prime Minister in waiting.

Oh and as for the murder of that Ugandan homosexual that Baird keep banging his drum on to whoop up the Conservative troops, the truth of it is rather inconvenient.

5 thoughts on “Warriors for gay rights: The Conservatives have become unlikely LGBT supporters

  1. Big mistake to urge social conservatives to leave the Conservative Party. Those of us – and there are many – trying to keep social conservative principles alive in the party need more help, not less.

    For decades, I have remained a Roman Catholic in the presence of a local hierarchy that apparently condoned homosexuality, contraception, abortion, and sheltered child abusing clergy. In comparison with that, remaining within the Conservative Party is a breeze!

    • Southern quebeccer, if you go back far further than the 14th century you will find cultures where child sacrifice was routine. The jewish/christian era put an end to that. But we have regressed. With the exception of China and North Korea, Canada is alone in the world in not providing any legal protection to the unborn child.

      But the main point of my posts was to highlight the fact that most of the Tory membership and caucus are pro-life. Perhaps some of your NDP and BQ are but we won’t know as they didn’t allow a free vote.

  2. That’s right. We don’t want to go back to the 14th century and the science that was known at that time.

    We want 21st century and the science that teaches us what a human being is.

    It’s time for you to progress past the 1960s…and leave the class and gender and age wars behind you.

    All human beings deserve rights.

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