Warrior Priests

Dear God.  I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for restoring my hope with the holy words this priest has used:

It began with homilies…when people would come up and complain about them I would sit there and have a kind of out of body experience and think “I should be really affected by this, but I could care less that this person is yelling at me right now.” Of course it continued with videos spreading out across the country to friends and foes alike…I remember thinking “I should be really sad that people are attacking me” but I remember in those moments being overcome with the urge to chuckle at how little it actually DID affect me. You, as a faithful Catholic, have likely had similar experiences…and that is God working in you and preparing you for what is to come as well.

Yes!  Show that contraceptive-laced feminist the door!  I’ve never been a fan of sweaty-palmed priests wanting to be everyone’s best friend.  When I was growing up, I remember old Father O’Connor heading for the sacristy right after Mass.  He wasn’t too much into the hand-shakes and laughs, as people were filing out of the pews.  (Nothing wrong with a friendly priest shaking your hand after Mass, of course, but there is always a danger of getting too close and concerned about what “the people” think. Every jackass thinks they know better than the Church these days.)

He was a great, amiable priest with a great sense of humour, but he was tough as nails, and really didn’t give a sht what your opinion was of him or the fire and brimstone he occasionally hailed down on us because of the politicians we were electing— and this was over 25 years ago! Once in the Confessional, I remember confessing a sin that I was struggling with, and he got angry at me for a moment before giving me some encouragement.  God forbid a priest getting angry with you in a confessional!  The tragedy, the horror, the injustice of it all!  Yes, I thank God for him because he was a man’s man, and He treated me like one.  He was the best! 

The Catholic Church in the United States is a cage that needs rattling, and the coming battle will provide just such a shake-up. The days of bishops and cardinals yucking it up with anti-Catholic politicians will soon be at an end. The days of bishops and cardinals wagging fingers at anti-Catholic “catholic” politicians and telling them not to cross this line again…and then redrawing the line further back…those days will soon be at an end.

Dear Jesus. I think that I’ve gone to heaven! 

Remember “the line” the bishops of Ontario drew in the sand when the Government came calling about GSAs in Catholic schools?  And remember how that line was quickly erased?  I think that’s exactly what Father John Hollowell is talking about.   Some times I wonder if our bishops really do understand their very sad and disastrous legacy that they are leaving behind.

And I guess what I’m saying is that there is a lazy part of me that prefers comfort and wishes it never had to come to blows like this surely will…but there is another part of me that realizes God is doing something in the hearts of faithful priests and Catholics and I think we’re on the edge of something that will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

From your keyboard to God’s Inbox, Father.  I’m right with you with bells on.

Bring it, baby!

“Wartime Heroes” always seem clumsy, brutish, unpolished, unrefined etc. when things are going swell and dandy and everyone has enough food to eat. Wartime heroes don’t know how to make a martini and don’t have a room full of stogies, but when peacetime evaporates, no one gives a dang about priests and bishops and leaders that are “refined” and “dignified”, people turn to warrior priests and warrior Catholics…they will turn to us soon…and we will be ready.

Exactly.  Which was exactly the problem in the selection of bishops these past 50 years.  Too much of an emphasis on how many rounds of  the champagne circuit the priest did or how many languages he knew, instead of  more substantial matters like the Faith and grit.

This priest knows the deal.  He really does get it. And his witness here should give us all great hope.

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