D&P and The Friday Fax

As many of you know, SoCon or Bust commented on a recent news report linking the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development & Peace to funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico and Bolivia.  Apparently, the rot goes further – much further – than we could have possibly imagined, involving many countries around the globe. 

How ironic it will be to confirm that our own money is being used to fuel the world-wide abortion slaughter.  This only serves to show us that we shouldn’t give a dime to anyone or anything unless we know where it’s going.

SoCon or Bust is in the process of undertaking an investigation into these other groups (in addition to what was already reported) and will issue a report as soon as possible.  SoCon or Bust continues to call for the immediate suspension and review of the activities of the CCODP and further recommends, if necessary, that the bishops of Canada disassociate themselves from this organization.

Just today, we learned that the CCODP’s media release on their funding of pro-abortion groups was included in the Friday Fax notice which was sent to all the parishes in Ottawa to be included in their parish bulletins.  (The Friday Fax provides information for the entire diocese on news and events impacting the Ottawa area.)  The CCODP media release did not deny any of the allegations made against them, but simply resorted to attacking the news source itself

SoCon or Bust contacted the Archdiocese of Ottawa with this news. Based on the conversation with the Archbishop’s assistant, it is not likely that the Archbishop of Ottawa was aware of this media release being placed in the Friday Fax, since the responsibility of the Friday Fax rests with another individual at the Archdiocese.  This individual too might have been unaware of the validity and substance of the charges against the CCODP, and was simply passing along information from a “trusted” source. 

The purpose of this communication is to let everyone know that the Archbishop has not necessarily approved of the communication from the CCODP being included in the Friday Fax, and we caution anyone against assuming that he is taking the CCODP’s side.  In other words, don’t be upset at the Archbishop if you see the CCODP’s media release in your parish bulletin this weekend.

John Pacheco

SoCon or Bust

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One thought on “D&P and The Friday Fax

  1. Keep fighting, John! Here is my letter to the CCCB. I figure that I will be writing Rome next (after the Papal Nuncio tonight).
    Saturday March 21, 2009

    Dear Bishop Weisgerber and Reverend Bishops of the Canadian Conference,

    I am sure that the recent scandals involving Development and Peace (D&P) have been most upsetting for you and your fellow bishops. It is time for decisive action on this issue, dear Bishop Weisgerber. You know what Revelations has to say about those that are lukewarm!

    With growing concern, I have watched D&P continue to flaunt Catholic teaching in the past ten years. This week’s debacle regarded the $170,000 given to five Mexican groups to lobby for abortion in Mexico is unconscionable. Justifiably, the Mexican bishops protested. Then came the news that D&P was supporting pro-abortion groups in Bolivia! Even the (American) National Catholic Register jumped into the fray with a prominent newspaper article that inquired why the Canadian Catholic bishops were funding abortion groups.

    These disgraces are just one more in a long line. In 2000, D&P donated $110,000 to the March for Women, a protest march in support of lesbian and abortion rights. In 2001, D&P gave $140,000 to a pro-abortion conference, “People’s Summit of the Americas.” In 2002, D&P funded banner ads on the pro-abortion, pro-gay, strongly dissenting e-magazine “The Social Edge”, a magazine that featured ‘Catholic’ Joanna Manning, a very renowned dissenting Catholic. In 2003, D&P had prominent pro-homosexual activist and Toronto councilor Joe Mihevc to address their Lenten luncheon. The D&P Lenten calendar contained links to several groups with strong pro-abortion messages in 2006.

    Your decision not to take decisive action will have long-reaching consequences. You are pitting Catholics with consciences, against those who chose not to care about Catholic values. You are forcing priests to act independent of the CCCB when they speak out against the abuses of D&P. And, you are also allowing good Catholics to unwittingly participate in the evils of abortion.

    I urge the CCCB to take an immediate stand to end the promotion of abortion by D&P, Bishop Weisgerber. Until that time, Catholics of good faith will be forced to withhold financial support for our bishops, lest we too be guilty of supporting abortion. And because of the cathedratium, Catholics of good faith may no longer continue to support their local parishes.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs. Kathie Hogan,
    Parry Sound, ON

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