War of Words

We lost the earlier battles of the culture war because the Left was able to co-opt the language into their service. All of these phrases were hijacked by the Death & Dismemberment Squad to push their violent and destructive agendas. In the current democratic system of government, if you move the populace to your agenda, you win the game. And you move the populace by winning the “war of the words”. Check out these beauts:

“interruption of pregnancy”

“death with dignity”
“right to die”


“same-sex marriage”

None of these phrases objectively apply to their real acts, yet the Left has been successful in selling them as the “face” of the socially regressive issues like abortion, sodomy, and euthanasia.

What we have to start doing on the Right is reclaiming the semantic territory and calling things as they are.

1) Do not use the word “gay”. Instead say “homosexual”. (I, myself, have to change my own labelling on this one).

2) Do not give up the word marriage. When discussing homosexual unions, always put the quotation marks (” “) around the word “marriage” if you need to use the word marriage. It acts as a protection against the terrorism directed at it.

3) Never say “pro-choice”. Say “pro-abortion”.

etc. etc. etc.

Benedict’s recent foray into the whole excommunication issue of Catholic politicians should cause us to re-examine how we refer to them. Since we Catholics don’t consider someone like Dalton McGuinty Catholic anymore, we should remind him and everyone else, including the press, of this reality. In other words, when referring to such and such a politician, we should preface it with “former”. For example, use the phrase “former Catholic Dalton McGuinty” or even better “ex-Catholic Dalton McGuinty”. If enough of us use this terminology, the reality of where these people stand in regard to the Church will eventually start to make an impact. The rank and file will start to understand that these politicians are not Catholic and therefore should not be accorded that privilege by us.

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