One thought on “Want True Peace? Want True Love? Want A World Without Violence? Become Catholic.

  1. The Natural Law is imbued into every living soul. A Godly Professor once said that no-one has an excuse, because this is something one can’t not know. Saint Paul said that when unbelievers are naturally obeying God’s LAW without being taught it, they have it naturally imbued by God, so no-one has an excuse. That does not mean that we are not to confront our bad leaders to repent, because we will not allow our most vulnerable to be led astray. It is wonderful to see youth stand up and be counted for Jesus. Too bad that police handcuff them and haul them of at being meaningfully pro-life at most of our Western Universities. There is a Culture War raging in the West for the minds and souls of our youth and vulnerable adults. Our Laws are made in our Legislatures and Parliament, and too many parents are absent without leave, as our laws punish pro-life young adults in The Once Christian West. When these youngsters go back to schools and a society governed by Politically Correct Relativism by court enforcement and government decree they need their parents and leaders to be involved in this Culture War Politically for Christ’s sake.

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