Wally the Athiest Gets It

As the State becomes more and more pervasive, the Left doesn’t seem to get it.  They are so focused on launching lawfare tactics against anyone who would dare disagree with them that they are blinded to what our country is turning into.  At least Wally gets it.

I am an atheist. What is my stake in this internecine quarrel between one group of Catholics with an agenda represented by Jim Corcoran and Father Allan Hood and another group of Catholics with an agenda represented by the 12 parishioners?

The majority of Ontarians are not Catholic. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for a costly and lengthy investigation and adjudication by the Ontario Human Rights Commission of a ceremonial rite conducted within a non-taxpaying private international organization that proselytizes The Only One?

And, by the way, whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

Human Rights Commissions, whether federal or provincial, have become something quite the opposite of what their name implies. If you believe that a Human Rights Commission is about human rights, then you are likely to believe that the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, is about truth.

Will those calling for the bureaucrazy of the Human Rights Commission to have more power, next be calling for major revisions and amendments to the Torah, Bible, Koran and similar odious books to conform to the political correctmess zeitgeist?

Wally Keeler



2 thoughts on “Wally the Athiest Gets It

  1. Linkback from missmarprelate.blogspot.com

    Fundamentalist Christians and atheists on the same side. Who’s left to fight against? Oh, I forgot, the HRCs.

  2. HRC’s are evolving society and living tree interpretation of Law and truth driven. This is taught in our education establishments as truth in the Darwinian Humanist Atheist worldview and creation story. If one does not follow the Fundamentals as a Christian one is not a Christian. In other words follow the facts where they lead with all your soul, heart and mind. The word Christian is used very lightly by pagans who pretend to be Christians, and make a good living doing so. Atheists and real Christians have different lifestyles and worldviews. Animal Farm, and, NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR are books that show where Pagan societies lead with their HRC’s. Volition is important , but imposing unhealthy lifesyles on children, youth. and society through our education establishments and lawcourts is tyranical.

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