Vulgar Planned Parenthood advertisement

Just what you would expect from Planned Parenthood…  No class whatsoever.

PP makes lots of money selling contraceptives.  But they also know that contraceptives fail regularly, so they graciously offer their services for the backup plan of abortion.  It’s all about $$$.

One thought on “Vulgar Planned Parenthood advertisement

  1. Billions of dollars are generated annually in response to sexual irresponsibility. Hooked up people are jumping into bed with each other supporting entire industries of grateful adults. The drug industry, the condom industry, the spermicide , abortion pill , the abortion business. They recruit politicians to make sure they prosper. Do you really believe the physicians, nurses, medical suppliers, and bureaucrats who owe their livelihood to the killing babies in the womb would prefer young people abstain until marriage? Why do you think Kinsey Sex Education is taught by court enforcement and government decree? In a democracy the citizens are responsible for electing and helping traditionalist politicians to our Legislatures and Parliament, where Bills are passed into Law by majority vote. Please help.

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