Vroom, Vroom

I’ve not been blogging too much lately because of campaign preparations.   Can’t say that will change much until September 10 either.  So posting will be sporadic at best. Got this little note from a friend, however:

HPV Vaccine for all Grade 8 Students
Josh Pringle
Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ottawa Public Health Unit is adding the Human Papillomavirus vaccine to the School Immunization Program this school year.  Starting in September, parents of all Grade 8 girls will receive a consent form containing information about HPV and the vaccine.  Only Grade 8 female students with signed consent forms will receive the vaccine.

 I got a better name for this vaccine. How about the “Floozy Vaccine”? That has a better ring to it.  Another reason why public education is going to be history in the near future. 

One thought on “Vroom, Vroom

  1. The HPV vaccine has made some girls very sick. Why are Canadian governments imposing unhealthy behavior on our daughters. With the Kinsey sex education the “only” sex education allowed to be taught in our schools and universities by law. They are teaching our daughters to become nymphomaniacs. Social conservatives certainly are not teaching this lifestyle to their daughters.

    So why are we electing liberal-minded governments with their unhealthy policies? Let’s elect our own people who have family friendly policies. It seems that the voting citizens have gone stark raving mad . In a democracy the people get the government they deserve. Thinking Social Conservitives should get together and win some elections. Starting with this one !

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