Vox’s interview about his lawsuit

Great interview here.

Vox does a good job of greasing the skids:

Q.  And how do you think your case gives good example of what should be done in the future, regarding attempts by an ever increasing number of clergy and religious to urge and push the Church to abandon Christ’s teaching about faith and penance, marriage, chastity, and the traditional Eucharistic Discipline?

Mr. Domet:  The example is quite clear; the Catholic blogosphere lit up with what happened; we need to see the power in that and take up the cause for the faith the family and the Holy Eucharist which seems to me to be at the heart of the matter.

How can those of us now unite to form an army of devoted and believing Catholics that blog to prevent an attempt to overturn doctrine at the Synod?

What vehicle can we use to coordinate our work, not control it, but to coordinate and disseminate and educate and catechise beyond just our few hundred readers?

Well, that’s what it was, I dare say now it is in the thousands! This situation since Ash Wednesday also shows the Church the power of blogs and how we will not be silent anymore in the face of heterodoxy. I can still remember as a child how my late mother particularly lamented what was done in the 1960’s. They had no way to stop it, no tools to fight back, we do and there is no excuse anymore not to use it to the advantage of the Church with “clarity and charity” as my own Archbishop will often state.


Q. Do you believe the proposals of Cardinal Kasper are, as Cardinals Muller and Sarah describe them, heretical, inasmuch as they propose to divorce Catholic Faith from Traditional discipline regarding the Sacraments?

Mr. Domet:  Yes, 100% without reservation. Let me say this too. I married my lovely Frankie nearly two years ago; we courted for nearly two before that. I was married previously in the Church but was granted a “Decree of Nullity” many years ago. Let these prelates stop with the distortion of the facts. The annulment process, at least I can speak of here in Toronto, is rigorous and thorough as it must be, but it was not “painful.” It took time because I was lazy with my documents. My recollection is the cost was a suggested donation of $900 Canadian for which I received a tax receipt — so we can get off that carousel that it is not possible to obtain one.

One cannot divorce the Catholic Faith from Traditional discipline regarding the Sacraments and still remain Catholic.

Vox hits both issues outta da park!

#1 – Calling attention to the fact that, as far as the Church and social media is concerned, it’s a whole new ball game.  The days of gaming the system and ham fisting anything through the Church are now long gone.  Bloggers rule.

#2 – In one shot, Vox has completely obliterated the whole annulment scam discussion going on at the Vatican. He’s been through the process, and he doesn’t seem too bitter to me.  And by the way, are you, Mr. Progressive, so hard up for $500 (after the tax receipt) that you can’t pay that for the honour of preserving holy matrimony?  I guess that tells us all that we need to know of the value (yes! even monetarily, God forbid!) that you place on holy matrimony.  The labourer is worth his hire…even Church employees!  If you can’t fork up $500 for an annulment, frankly,  you should be disqualifed from marriage completely because you obviously have no clue of its worth.

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