Voter Fraud in the U.S. Election

Received from a friend of Socon or Bust who lives in Pennsylvania….
Romney’s Loss in Pennsylvania in 2012.
More than mere conspiracy theories, here are the facts:
FACT: Romney won every state where a Voter ID law was enforced. He lost Pennsylvania, where the Voter ID law was not enforced. A Democratic lawsuit persuaded a Pennsylvania state judge to relax Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law until after the 2012 Presidential election.
FACT: Romney won 55 out of the 60 counties of Pennsylvania, but still lost the state of Pennsylvania overwhelmingly because he lost Philadelphia County. In fact, Paul Ryan has publicly said that, if they had won Philadelphia, their campaign would have won Pennsylvania.
FACT: In 59 districts in Philadelphia County, Obama won with 100% of the vote, meaning that not one vote in these 59 districts was cast for Mitt Romney –a mathematical impossibility.
FACT: Voter turn-out in Pennsylvania was only 60% –a relatively low turn-out for Pennsylvania. However, in the 59 districts of Philadelphia County where Obama won 100% of the vote, voter turn-out was (mysteriously) above 90% –another mathematical impossibility.
FACT: In most of the 59 districts of Philadelphia County where Obama won 100% of the vote, Republican poll inspectors were illegally removed for most or part of the day, making it necessary for them to seek emergency court orders, allowing them to return to their posts.
FACT: There were numerous reports of faulty voting machines in Philadelphia County, in which votes intended for Romney would light up and register for Obama. In one case, someone reported poll workers repeatedly opening the backs of machines and tampering with the hardware. None of these reports were taken seriously or investigated. Nor were claims of voter intimidation by New Black Panther Party members and others. Philadelphia police were (apparently) ordered to ignore New Black Panther Party members, who stood outside the doors of some polling places, wearing military dress and carrying clubs and other intimidating ‘weaponry.’
FACT: Despite all these obvious and outrageously suspiciousissues, NO ONE in the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania state government is willing to conduct an investigation or respond to numerous accusations of voter fraud –NO ONE. Nor will any national or Pennsylvanian-based media outlet (aside from the local, Larry Mente radio talk show) do stories about this ridiculously newsworthy problem –not even Fox News! (Note: Fox News did present some mild coverage of the New Black Panther Party’s intimidating presence outside some polling places, but has made no mention of the more obvious mathematical impossibilities.)
The reason for this is also obvious: It is in the common interests of both Democrats and Republicans not to shatter the myth of the American democratic process. If the now-apparent voter fraud were to be exposed and become part of common knowledge, the system itself would be seriously undermined, and both parties would suffer because of it.
Similar problems have been reported in Ohio and Florida, where (once again) both Democratic and Republican officials (and media outlets) are refusing to investigate.
In Florida, the apparent loss of Republican Congressman Alan West (an African-American Conservative) is mathematically questionable, with over 4,000 votes against him appearing mysteriously in the course of ½ hour at 9:30 in the evening, shattering the Congressman’s lead and making it unable for him to recover. West is contesting the decision; having been told that the abrupt appearance of these votes (all against him) were from absentee ballots that were only counted at 9:30 PM. But, other sources indicate that the Florida absentee ballots from his district were counted previously, prior the initial tabulations. It now appears that they have been counted twice! Because of this, West is demanding a recount; but, to date, the Florida director of elections has not granted his request.
Likewise, in Ohio, there are numerous mathematical impossibilities in many voting districts, similar to those in Pennsylvania. However, as in Pennsylvania, the Republican-controlled authorities are refusing to investigate. In fact, Ohio-based Conservative radio talk show host Bill Cunningham (the [so-called] “Great American” …an associate and frequent quest on the Sean Hannity radio and TV shows) is now apparently towing the party line. Thought typically combative and even obnoxious toward his liberal opposition (he was once condemned by, and excluded from, the 2008 John McCain Campaign for calling the current President “Barak Hussein Obama”), Cunningham is now actively denying all allegations of voter fraud, claiming that “the Democrats beat us fair and square in Ohio.” Yet, this is the same Bill Cunningham who, leading up to, and on, election day 2012, went on the Sean Hannity radio show as a renowned expert on Ohio voting (Hannity: “No one knows Ohio like Bill Cunningham”), announcing with supreme confidence that he has ‘never seen Republican voter turn-out like this in Ohio,’ and proclaiming how ‘Ohio will definitely go for Romney.’ Cunningham now offers no explanation for how the Republican candidate lost Ohio. He just keeps insisting that it was “fair and squarebecause “the Republicans control the elections” in Ohio. …just as they do in Pennsylvania, I suppose???
In the words of Mark Stein, “Something smells like fish.” …yet no one wants to investigate it. And it is simply amazing to me how, in this so-called information age, how so many Americans simply are not aware of it! …or we don’t care.
I, for one, will never vote in Pennsylvania again. Because of how our elected officials are treating this problem, I simply have no confidence in the system, and cannot believe that my vote counts.

2 thoughts on “Voter Fraud in the U.S. Election

  1. Be careful, Southern Quebec, about commenting on subjects you haven’t researched.

    The reader in Pennsylvania has stumbled on something intriguing, but I think he has interpreted it wrong. There are indeed many districts where democrats got 100% of the vote (see official results at

    However, these are votes for the State’s legislature, not the presidential race. Many democrats got elected to serve as Senators or Representatives in the State of Pennsylvania without a single vote in their district going to other candidates. That is indeed fishy. It’s like a provincial MP in Canada getting 100% of the votes in their riding. It just never happens. It’s worth investigating, but I don’t think this affects the presidential race at all.

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