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It’s time for Ontario to return to traditional family values, said John Pacheco, Family Coalition Party candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean.  Ontario families need support from the government to cover the costs of child care, at-home care for seniors and private education or home schooling, said the 42-year-old Ottawa accountant. “I believe we need an alternative voice in the province – that’s why I’m running with the Family Coalition Party, because I agree with its principles,” said Pacheco. “It’s important for family issues to front and centre in any policy we put forward to the public.”

Many of Ontario’s problems stem from having an aging population with a low birth rate, leaving the province without enough young people to enter the workforce to provide tax revenues to sustain seniors’ benefits. “It’s what I call a culture of death,” said Pacheco. “All of this is in part because of our reticence of the government to not promote strong family values.”

“If (voters) want a real change, then they need to send a message real change, and that’s to vote outside the box,” said Pacheco. (Source)

2 thoughts on “Vote Outside the Box

  1. Publicly-funded private school…kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? And we don’t have enough youth entering the workforce? Where is this guy getting his statistics? There aren’t enough jobs for young people entering the workforce, which is part of the reason more and more Canadian youth are pursuing post-secondary education. It’s like a holding tank for all the young people who can’t get decent jobs. Even after getting a degree, it’s still difficult for youth to enter the workforce. Perhaps the seniors that we’re supposed to be supporting with the jobs we can’t get should have saved a bit more money to support themselves with. Or better yet, since the Family Coalition Party is all about “family values”, perhaps seniors should be taken care of by their family instead of by the public.

  2. Chad,

    There would be 2 million consumers aged 42 and under today, along with their children, if it were not for abortion alone.

    That’s a market that 1) does not exist and 2) does not pay tax and 3) does not take up very much health care or pension costs.

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