Vote Matt Young in Ottawa South

If you’re in Ottawa South and you care about what future your children will inherit, vote for PC candidate Matt Young. He’s not pro-life because he supports abortion in cases of rape and other hard cases. But that’s much better than the other candidates, who are all pro-abortion. Besides, Matt Young doesn’t seem to like the hyper-sexed curriculum that the Liberals want to ram into the schools, based on an interview with Brian Lilly on Sun News Network.

So vote Matt Young.

For the other ridings having by-elections, information is sparse. But we do know this:

  • The Liberals are the ones pushing the crazy sex curriculum. And they’re thoroughly corrupt.
  • The NDP supports the curriculum. Besides, all their candidates are required to be pro-abortion and pro-same-sex “marriage”.

So that leaves you with either the Conservatives or the Greens. Keep in mind that the Greens typically support abortion and other lefty causes, although I’m not sure that Ontario Conservatives are much better. But only a Conservative has a legit chance of getting elected in those ridings. So for lack of better information, I would pinch my nose and begrudgingly vote Conservative.

The priority is to make sure the Liberals and NDP don’t get nothin’.

2 thoughts on “Vote Matt Young in Ottawa South

  1. According to, polls combined with turnout preditions show that the Tories could get four of the five seats, with the NDP getting 1 .
    A word of warning, Three hundredEight has often underestimated Liberal performance.
    that said, it is summer, and few are paying attention. Those who are are angry and that, I think will favour the Tories everywhere except Windsor, which has not learned a thing from across the river.

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