Vote for the Cancellation! UPDATED LINK!

Please vote yes it was right to cancel the Catholic Education Pimping for Obama trip.

Ask any of those students who they would be voting if they were American citizens, and they will tell you quite openly, “Obama”.  Ask them if it mattered to them if they were doing a little campaigning for Obama when they were down there and not simply being “observers”, they would tell you, “No, we’d quite enjoy it”.

And, that, my dear friends is the ultimate indictment of the pseudo-Catholic education of the pseudo-Catholic system.  It’s also an indictment on Church leadership over the past 50 years.  A greater disaster could hardly have ever been imagined.

In the private sector, when you fail at your job, you get fired.  Unfortunately, the Catholic bishops of this province and this country will never be held accountable by anyone except when they die. 

But, when that happens – boy oh boy, there’s going to be one hell of an accounting to be had.

There’s no free lunch for Bishops who refuse to discipline and take responsibility for the flock, or for anyone who votes for politicians who push the murder of the unborn child.

Did you catch what McGuinty said on this fiasco?  What will you hear from the Bishops of this Province or the Archdiocese of Ottawa?  Absolutely nothing (or as good as)…as has been the standard fare for the past 50 years as Kennedy Catholic politicians have effectively defined the Faith for a generation of pliable Catholics.  Dad’s missing in action and Big Brother is running the show.  It’s a disgrace.

Everyone will be held accountable.  And there are eternal consequences to voting for an Obamanation.

You have been forewarned.  Think about it.

One thought on “Vote for the Cancellation! UPDATED LINK!

  1. The state of Catholic education in our province is exactly what the people in charge of creating the religious curriculum (with the final approval of the bishops) want Catholic education to produce in our youth. This isn’t a case of “I really thought they would believe what the Church teaches if we taught them with this approach”. It is incredibly naive to believe this. It’s rather a case of “isn’t it great that our youth think about morality the way we do!” Until those entrusted with creating the religious curriculum actually believe in what the magisterium teaches, nothing will change in our schools. Ultimately, the buck here stops with the bishops. This has absolutely nothing to do with public funding.

    What these young people are saying and thinking in fact reflects what a great majority of the episcopacy believe is true. That minority of bishops that are orthodox, but unwilling to lay their life down for their sheep (rather not rock the boat) will also have a lot of explaining to do when they meet their Master.

    The vacuum of Church leadership with regards to the issues this post has mentioned is deafening.

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