Vote for Faithful Catholic Trustees This Election

I don’t normally get too excited about municipal elections, but this election is different, given the state of the Catholic School System in Ottawa and around Ontario. I highly encourage you all to get out and vote for solid Catholic School Trustees so we can take back our schools.  To find out who you should vote for, please visit Campaign Life’s voter guide to check out the best candidate to vote for on October 27.

For those of you in Zone 6 in Ottawa (my backyard) which encompasses the parishes of St Maurice, St Martin de Porres, St Augustine, St John the Apostle, etc. (see full map here), we need to get out in force.

I had the good pleasure of meeting Julia Muggeridge this past weekend.  Julia is an articulate, intelligent, lovely, and strong Catholic who is also a new mom.  She has my full confidence and endorsement.

Her campaign site is located here.  If her last name sounds familiar, it’s not a coincidence.  She is married to the great-grandson of the famous journalist and Catholic convert, Malcolm Muggeridge.  I also had a chance to have a quick chat with him and take a peak at their baby daughter.   They are an inspiration – a beautiful young Catholic couple who is not afraid to mix it up and do something for the Faith and our kids.    I kind of felt like I was in the presence of Catholic royalty (without the stuffy airs), and dammit I liked it a lot.  The good Lord knows we need a Catholic King and Queen to clean the joint out.

And that’s not all.  You see, we have some competition in Zone 6.  There are two other candidates.  One of them is a woman named Elaine McMahon.  She just retired as an OCSB teacher and was the President of the local OECTA teachers union, and a councillor on OECTA’s provincial executive, the same executive who voted in favour of marching in the Gay Pride Parade.  She is a strong supporter of  mandatory “gay-straight alliances” (GSAs) in Catholic schools:

Four out of five of the more than two dozen presenters supported Bill 14, which is a more general anti-bullying bill, and opposed Bill 13 for giving special status to only some victims of bullying.  However Elaine McMahon, president of Ottawa unit of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, spoke in favour of Bill 13, and said she was “astounded” that “homophobia exists and is supported.” (Source)

So, folks, we have some work to do.  Here is what you can do to help:

1) PRAY like there’s no tomorrow that candidates like Julia get elected because if they don’t we might as well fold up the tent and go home.

2) SPREAD THE WORD among your friends and family to get out and vote for Julia and candidates like her.

3) CONSIDER putting up a lawn sign.  I have some on hand. E-mail me if you live near St. Maurice.

4) DONATE to her campaign via her website.

One thought on “Vote for Faithful Catholic Trustees This Election

  1. Children are being molded in schools into the tenets of Democratic Secular Paganism,by adult teachers and homosexual etc., activists,as so called human rights from Kindergarten.Political involvement by righteous citizens at all levels is crucial to end this abominable indoctrination of Western School Children,and thus society.Political apathy,indifference and complaisance is the cause of this diabolical social engineering.

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