Voris was right: NY senate passes same-sex “marriage”

While New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently made a strong statement against same-sex “marriage”, the senate of the State of New York ignored his plea and passed a bill to legalize gay “marriage”. Since the state’s Assembly has already passed a similar bill and the Governor is a huge supporter, it’s essentially a done deal.

Michael Voris, commenting on Archbishop Dolan’s statement, predicted that his efforts would fail. He turned out to be right. What was the reason for his pessimism? As he explains on RealCatholicTV.com (scroll to the video at the bottom of the page), the teachings of many clergymen on this issue ring hollow because the ranks of the clergy are filled with so many gay men or supporters of the gay agenda.┬áIf you don’t have time to watch his whole video, just start at 4:50.

Even the New York Times, an avowed enemy of the Church, saw this hypocrisy when it wrote:

The church refuses to acknowledge the hypocrisy at its heart: that it became a haven for gay priests even though it declares homosexual sex a sin, and even though it lobbies to stop gays from marrying. (Source)

That statement is bang on.

And Michael Voris is right. When the clergy don’t practice what they preach, they’re wasting their saliva and our eardrums. Something sounds wrong. Your soul can feel it, much like when you hear a dissonant note in a choir.

Likewise, when gay bishops force faithful priests to remain silent about these issues.

In the end, the Church in the West has ended up with flimsy and unauthoritative teaching on sexuality, much like the scribes and unlike Jesus (see Matt 7:28-29)

Even Archbishop Dolan is sending mixed signals because there are at least three parishes in his own diocese of New York that are openly welcoming of the homosexual agenda or rejecting the Church’s teaching on the matter. Perhaps the Archbishop should start there.

2 thoughts on “Voris was right: NY senate passes same-sex “marriage”

  1. This is crazy. There are ministries at some churches that work with gays and lesbians because next to no one else in the church is doing it on a pastoral level. It’s new territory for the church and requires careful navigation. If you’ve never been involved with these kind of ministries I recommend starting. you’ll find people like all of us: who are thirsty for the gospel, desire Christ, and need the sacraments for grace. Doing something is better than doing nothing and guiding a community means navigating uncomfortable territory where the human drama is still playing out. Dolan is a gift to us New Yorkers and isn’t blind to the big picture.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    You’re right that there are few ministries in the Church in this field, although this partly reflects the fact that homosexuals represent about 2% of the population, and among this group, very few are interested in the Church. That being said, I still think we should be doing more.

    I’m fully supportive of any parish or ministry that works with homosexuals with the view of gradually introducing the full Gospel to them. Like anything that has value, the Gospel is challenging. Jesus loves everybody where they are, but he doesn’t want them to stay there. He calls everybody to perfection. That means that everybody, gay or straight, has areas of darkness in their lives that must be cleansed and healed so that we can live in deeper love, happiness and peace with God and each other.

    I’m straight, but I still have many areas in my life that need cleansing and improvement because God wants me to become someone better. This is true for everybody. For homosexuals, part of that growth towards perfection involves the gradual understanding of how the homosexual lifestyle doesn’t jive with God’s plan for happiness and love among humans. The reasons why are not immediately obvious, but it needs to be taught and explained. That part is touchy, but it must form an integral pat of any ministry to the LGBT community. Any ministry that doesn’t intend to eventually reach that point or that encourages LGBT to remain in that lifestyle is ultimately doing them a great disservice by not allowing them to reach the greater happiness and destiny that God has planned for them.

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