4 thoughts on “Voris on Coren

  1. I don’t trust Voris’ numbers. I’ve proved him wrong before and he accused me of having an agenda. He said to me and I quote, “I don’t appreciate it, nor do I see why I should waste any time with someone with that attitude.”

    As for what he says, he’s mostly on the ball, but I don’t trust someone who tries to makes numbers up. I’ll come back with a number as he stated he has had 5.5 million downloads from youtube and 350,000 in January (I assume that translates into views), so I’ll count the views. Coren questions him about using tv in his title although it isn’t on television at all.

  2. I did the number checking, their youtube site has received 5.38 million. A bit shy of 5.5 million as he stated, but like I said, he likes to overstate himself. As for the 350,000 in January, he’s off there too, the view count is 233,654.

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