Voris Defends Himself Against the Catholic News Agency

Watch it here.

CNA needs to apologize and so does Fr. Tom Rosica.

Sooner or later, the poltroon (whoever he is) who is pulling all of these levers behind the scenes and attacking authentically Catholic and pro-life organizations is going to get nailed

And I pray to God I have something to do with it.

The upside of this massive FAIL is that the guy who tipped off CNA to this “scandal” has got himself a reputation as not being very trustworthy or very balanced, for that matter.  I’m sure that CNA and the rest of the Catholic lapdog mainstream press are re-evaluating carefully whether they want to be involved with the personal and petty vendettas of their sources.  It kinda calls into question their pseudo-professionalism.  Does CNA want to be known as a hick, gossip publication?

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