Abortion?  It’s on the way out.  The pro-aborts who are watching this film had better reconsider their position.

Because those who advocate for the destruction of innocent human life today will be seen as the pariahs that the slave owners/traders and Nazis were in their age of human history

History will have delivered its judgement and it will be final.

Repent now.

2 thoughts on “Volition

  1. Science proves unborn babies are human beings.

    Dr. Nathanson said that real-time ultrasound, which gives a moving picture of the child in the womb; electronic heart monitoring,which detects fetal heartbeats, brainwave monitors,which measure brain activity, fetoscopy,which allows a physician to actually eyeball the baby,simply astounded him.

    Such techniques as cordocentesis even allow medical diagnosis,treatment and surgery in utero.

    “There was nothing religious about it I finally came to the conviction that this was my patient. This was a person! This was purely a change of mind as a result of fantastic technology.”

    Dr. Nathanson fastened an ultrasound machine to a woman undergoing an actual abortion, and produced ” SILENT SCREAM”,a film that justly horrified the nation. It showed the fetus trying desperately to move away from the vacuum to save his life, but then its body parts were successively sucked off. The film produced a massive campaign of defamation aganist Dr. Nathanson from the Politically Correct Establishment.

    This only made him more determined, so he decided to show an abortion from inside the womb. He attached a camera to a fetoscope and inserted it during a D&E abortion. The resulting film was “ECLIPSE OF REASON”. That is exactly what abortion is.

    Abortion is the murder of babies! Please stop killing them Canada!
    Godless people don’t care, but we must care. What the Politically Correct have done is given the power over life and death to unelected humanist judges. We are now a Godless Canada. This is certainly not the Christian country our fathers fought for in the great wars.

    There are striking parallels between what happened to the unwanted in the Third Reich and what’s happening to the unwanted today!

    It is the same kind of mentality. We don’t respect human life and we dehumanize it and then get rid of it !

    The Nazis dehumanized their victims by calling them subhuman, non-human, parasites, animals, objects, and non-persons. The same terminology dominates today’s pro-abortion semanticists.

    Do you realize that the Nazis “technically” did not break the “LAW” in the Holocaust ? They passed over 400 “LAWS “leading up to the holocaust ! Each defendant at Nuremberg invoked the ”LAW” to justify their involvement in the Holocaust. They said they were not responsible, and did nothing wrong.

    “WHAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL,” is a frightening slogan used to justify all kinds of atrocities through history.

    Legality was used to exterminate natives in Australia, Africa, North and South America, India, the killing of Jews and the destruction of the unwanted today. Legality was also used to justify slavery and the slave trade.

    The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the doctors who were making selections in the Nazis death camps.
    It is the doctors today, in conjunction with pregnant women, who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers.
    The right to select in the past and the right to choose today represents the “evil” power to destroy those who cannot defend themselves.

    In a democracy the citizens are responsible and accountable for the laws of the land. In 2008 the citizens across our land organized to demand Parliament to raise the age of sex consent and succeeded. This closed the loophole in bad Legislation and Supreme Court law that allowed the legal sexual exploitation of consenting Canadian Children.
    The Culture War raging in Western Civilization has been going on for some time, but many people are absent without leave. Please don’t let the sophists put your minds to sleep. During the fight to raise the age of sex consent most of the people who helped us were agnostics, but were organized by Tom Landers and friends across our land. Many told us they were agnostics because of the phony Institutional Edifices masquerading as Christs. So sad.
    It is for freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm in your freedom then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

  2. In 1797 William Wilberforce wrote a book to a Western World that claimed to be Christian titled: A Practical View Of The Prevailing Religious System Of Professed Christians,In The Higher and Middle Classes In This Country, Contrasted To Real Christianity. It took him years to convince Parliament to believe Genesis 1:27, even though they claimed to believe God and called themselves Christians.

    Now we live in a Civilization where Politically Correct Relativism is the prevailing system in government, law, education by court enforcement and government decree. Most of the citizens in our democracies have freely believed this new worldview to be the highest, even though many profess to be Christians.

    Our education establishments teach human beings are nothing more than their reducible chemicals.
    Real Christians believe, we are made in the image of God. Our sum total is greater than our parts. Therefore the baby in the womb deserves our protection and nurture.
    William Wilberforce reached a Parliament that professed to be Christian. Now Politically Correct Relativism is taught from kindergarten through university by court enforcement and government decree. In Christian democracies citizens ought to know the consequences of separating Christianity from government,law, education and thus society. The Nazi’s made over 400 Supreme Court Laws justifying the holocaust thereby were able to say they did nothing wrong at the Nuremberg trials, but that did not stop them from being indicted and punished for their crimes. The West had not yet converted to Politically Correct Relativism. Now the Politically Correct West is teaching in schools only their worldview as truth by Court enforcement and government decree. Our Justices use the Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of law just as the Nazi’s did. I call this atheism by establishment. In a democracy citizens have a responsibility and accountability for the laws of the land, but to many are absent without leave as the Culture War rages for the minds and souls of our society. They woke once from their sleep to raise the age of sex consent in Canada in 2008. Therefore they may again.

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