Volition – Amazing Short Film

Amazing short drama film which links up some nasty and embarrassing eras in human history with our current abomination of abortion.

First rate flick. Click here to see it.

Sadly, as we discovered during the 40 Days for Life that ended earlier this month, unlike in this movie, the guy doesn’t run upstairs to save his partner or his unborn child….but maybe things are changing and men will learn to be men again….


November 26, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The RED One has been described as the “Lamborghini” of digital film cameras; shooting in 4k resolution with a dynamic range close to that of traditional cameras, the RED prices at about $25,000, with all the necessary gadgets. And so, when a rented RED One was dropped on the second day of shooting the powerful pro-life short-film “Volition,” 22-year-old director Tim Morgan, and his younger brother and collaborator, Matthew, thought the game was up.

“At that point we thought we had to throw in the towel, because there was no way we could continue filming that day,” Tim Morgan told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview.  And with only three days to shoot scenes in three different locations depicting three different historical periods, the film was already on a tight, if not impossible, schedule. It was beginning to look as if Volition was not meant to be after all….Read the rest here.

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