Vive le Québec!

20.05.2010 05:15:28

Bravo Emminence!

Let us pray that the other bishops in Canada and in particular Quebec stand up and call out abortion for what it is.

Let us all pray too that the Canadian bishops stop funding pro-abortion groups in the Global South.

Go here and add a comment.  Not sure how long that comment will stay up on the CCCB Blog, so I posted it here on Socon or Bust too. :mrgreen:

Sign the petition here.

Whatcha’ think the other bishops in Quebec are thinking?  I am sure there will be lots of discussion on how the CCCB blog and Cardinal Ouellet’s comments on it don’t reflect the views of the CCCB.

I anticipate that a statement or a disclaimer to that effect will come shortly.  Watch for it.

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