Viva The Internet!

Four officials of the Archdiocese of Chicago have blasted critics of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the US bishops’ controversial anti-poverty effort.

“Recently, CCHD has come under attack from certain groups whose motivations and objectives are rooted in partisan politics, rather than faithfulness to Catholic teaching and concern for the poor,” according to the officials. “These groups have gone so far as to call for the elimination of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, making erroneous and inflammatory statements about the program, its supporters, and the projects it funds. Despite efforts on the part of the CCHD staff to reach out to these critics and respond to their concerns, anti-CCHD rhetoric has only become more fervent and hateful, and the time has come to rally in defense of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.”

“The charge that criticisms of the CCHD are rooted in partisan politics is patently false,” responded Michael Hichborn of the American Life League. “The criticisms are rooted in the fact that organizations being funded by the CCHD have been, and still are, involved in activities and in promoting philosophies that completely contradict Church teaching. These activities and philosophies include the promotion of birth control, same-sex marriage, abortion and, in some instances, even prostitution.” (Source)

This is the same kind of drivel we heard from Development & Peace. Denial and ad hominem attacks.  The bureaucrats just don’t get it. You can’t conceal and hide your sexual positions any more.  Didn’t the clergy sex scandals teach them anything? 

The internet has revolutionized how information is accessed and processed.  The truth is widely available and no amount of denial or obfuscation is going to escape scrutiny.

So, if you’re a pro-abort socialist, fraudulently claiming to represent Catholic teaching in areas where faithful Catholics may legitimately disagree, you’re going to be outed and exposed.

Despite what Al Gore thinks, the internet revolution was spawned by private initiative and ingenuity.  It represents the greatest threat to statism and church bureaucracies who wish to operate under the cover of darkness.

Thank God for the Internet.

Viva La Revolución!

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