Viva the Catholic blogosphere!

…The CCODP, a Caritas member organization, has come under fire from pro-life groups for supporting organizations that advocate the legalization of abortion, distribute contraceptives, and support homosexualist policies. Knight vigorously defended CCODP after such policies were exposed by LifeSiteNews in early 2009 in a letter sent to donors and obtained by LSN.

In addition, anonymous Vatican officials told LifeSiteNews last November in Rome that similar problems exist with Catholic international aid organizations sponsored by other national bishops’ conferences and that this was a disturbing and unacceptable trend.  LifeSiteNews was told that these bishops’ conferences were not conducting proper oversight over their international development and aid organizations resulting in the funding of groups whose objectives are in serious conflict with Catholic teaching….(Source)

I knew it. The corruption is all over the world.  In our research we stumbled across this social justice garbage everywhere.  And we smelled the same stench coming from Caritas but didn’t have anything to run with.

Just goes to show you, folks, we bloggers and small news organizations can have a big impact…even when the powerful interests in the Church (like Salt + Light for instance) were propping up the corruption.

A blog and keyboard can change the world.

Viva the internet!  Viva the Catholic blogosphere!

4 thoughts on “Viva the Catholic blogosphere!

  1. Thanks so much for your big part in exposing this corruption. I think it’s a safe bet that your blog probably played a part in bringing Vatican attention to this issue, and making real change! You must be thrilled!

    You’ve done such a great service. I’m sure a lot of well-meaning people, like myself, were giving regular monthly contributions to development and peace under the assumption that “if it’s endorsed by the successors of the apostles, it must be the best charity out there”. Hopefully, this controversy will help make that come true in the future.

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