Violent Homosexualists Disrupt Catholic Procession

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“The Pope is a Pig” (“Der Papst ist ein Schwein” ): This is a slogan which Gloria.TV takes from a video of a confrontation between Christians and Homosexuals which took place in Vienna last Saturday, 16 June 2012.    

The Christians rallied at St. Stephen’s Cathedral to conduct what they termed a ‘procession of prayerful atonement’ (“Sühnegebetzug”).  There was a processional crucifix, people praying the Rosary, and a priest in black cassock.  The atonement was for the homosexual rainbow parade Regenbogenparade”) taking place concurrently nearby. 

The prayer procession was severely disrupted when the Christians were attacked by what amounted to a mob of screaming and chanting homosexual activists from the rainbow parade.  These had to be restrained by police, some of whom were special task force units, such as the WEGA, a special unit of the Austrian police in Vienna.  Canine units were also deployed, as well as a police unit equipped with shields and helmets.   One homosexual activist attacked the  prayer procession and tore up a sign which read: “Opposed to Homosexual Adoption for the Welfare of Children.”   This individual  was arrested by the police.

The inspiration behind the Christian procession was apparent on  their placards:

“Homosexuality does not Belong on the School Curriculum”
“Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner”
“Opposed to Homosexual Adoption for the Welfare of Children”
“Happiness = Devotion to Others”
“Love is a Gift of God, We are Protecting its Dignity”

The reasoning behind the homosexual reaction to the Christians was    apparent in their slogans:

“No Tolerance for the Intolerant”
“Jesus Christ is a Homosexual”
“He had Twelve Guys”
“Fundamentalists get out”
“You can go to Hell”
 “Masturbation instead of Communion”
“Catholicism is Curable”

This is exactly what happens when the Church is silent on preaching the Gospel.  I feel pity for these people because they were led to the pit because the Church was not faithful to Humanae Vitae.  What a horrible legacy the bishops of the last 50 years have left for our Catholic children – a legacy which will have to be paid in martrydom.  You’d think that they would have realized their incredible negligence by now, but aside from some window dressing initiatives, it’s business as usual.   Pray for them because the judgement will be particularly harsh for them on the Last Day.

3 thoughts on “Violent Homosexualists Disrupt Catholic Procession

  1. Those Austrian cops are pansies. I don’t see much violence at all, except one guy trying to tear down a paper sign. And the counter-demonstration by the anti=homosexual group in the same place and at the same time may well have been calculated to provoke the other side. Not the best in neutral photojournalism, Meinen Herren!

  2. Yes, the price will be paid in martyrdom for the innocent must pay for the guilty….how many of these radical hating homosexuals are thinking of heaven? How many souls are in danger of hell?

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