Violent Abortionist Shows What The Industry Is Truly About

Women victimized by abortions done at the filthy and poorly-run abortion center owned and operated by Kermit Gosnell are coming forward to talk about their experiences and how they were injured by abortion.

Gosnell has been charged with eight counts of murder and several of his staff at the abortion center, including his wife and sister-in-law, have been charged as well in the case with assisting in botched abortions, practicing medicine without a license or covering up the actions of those who did. The counts include grisly infanticides that involved Gosnell snipping the spines with scissors of babies who had purposefully been prematurely born so they could be killed moments later.

Davida Johnson is also speaking out about the abortion Gosnell did and she said the abortion facility he ran was filthy — with women sitting on blood-stained recliners. She told the Associated press she had a change of heart about the abortion but was forced to continue the abortion.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ and he smacked me. They tied my hands and arms down and gave me more medication,” she told AP.

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Let’s all hear it for “women’s rights”.

5 thoughts on “Violent Abortionist Shows What The Industry Is Truly About

  1. This reminds me of the so-called Catholics, Nicolaitan lawyers, and the people they duped who were against Bill C-513 presented by MP Rod Bruinooge, An act to prevent coercing a woman to end her pregnancy against her will.

  2. Sorry the Bill which I believe ought to have been passed into law in Canada was Roxanne’s Law put forth by MP Rod Bruinooge ” BILL C-510″; an act to prevent coercion of women to end their pregnancy against their will.

  3. In Canada and the Western World, Love without meaning ( Kinsey Sex Education), and (Abortion) murder without guilt is taught by court enforcement and government decree. In a democracy the citizens are responsible to enter the political process, and elect , hold accountable traditionalist politicians to our Legislatures and Parliament where Bills are passed or rejected by majority vote. This is our right as citizens and it is lost when it is not employed. Some concerned citizens speak through their MP’s and know where their MP’s stand on Bills before they are voted on. Many more ought to get involved if we are to win victories like the one we did in 2008 raising the are of sex consent in Canada.

  4. Our young women in our university woman’s study courses, are being socially engineered to promote love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education), and murder without guilt (Abortion), or they are not allowed to pass; just like our doctors and lawyers future judges and all students must put in the textbook answers even when they are selectively stupid on sanctity of life issues, homosexual issues , Kinsey Sex Education issues, like the majority of these indoctrinated we now have. This includes the bulk of the so-called church. Real Women are doing a fine job by convincing people by using verifiable evidence , science and common sense. Sites like family did not receive enough support to continue. This was one of the best sites informing concerned citizens about the Bills before Parliament, and how the majority vote by MP’s will help or harm our people, even the ones who are to young to vote. Tom Landers, and Social Conservatives across our land volunteered to go door to door to inform our people of the legal exploitation that our Countries Age of Sex Consent law was doing to our children. We joined the concerned citizens of Canada and convinced Parliament to Pass the Conservative raising the age of consent Bill before them into Canadian Law in 2008. It took a lot of time and money to change the minds of our citizens, when the established media, courts, schools, and Institutions distort the facts.

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