Violence Stoked By Abortion Spreads

Late-term Abortionist, George Tiller, was murdered today by a middle-aged white male who was reported fleeing the scene of the shooting.  By initial accounts received thusfar, the individual in question was not affiliated with any organized Pro-Life group.

Social Conservatives United condemns unequivocally the shooting death of George Tiller, and reiterates its insistence and respect for every human life, however heinous any individuals’ actions happen to be.  

The history of the pro-life movement has been overwhelmingly peaceful, as any fair and unbiased assessment proves.  In fact, considering the barbarity of abortion – and late-term abortion in particular – the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of the movement is all the more remarkable.

George Tiller, like many abortionists and abortion propagandists before him, might have one day turned and become a beacon of light in a dark world.  Bernard Nathanson, the famed abortionist who was the leading force in legalizing abortion in the U.S. and Norma McCorvey the famous “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, both converted to the pro-life cause.  For all we know, we might have been deprived of someone who could have done the same thing with even more impact than Nathanson or McCorvey. We’ll never know.

Fighting abortion is not about fighting organizations or individuals, much less killing them. It’s about fighting a false idea of freedom and “rights”, and fighting for the recognition that unborn babies are persons too whose right to life deserves to be protected in law.   We are also fighting for the hearts and minds of those who oppose us.  We don’t think about that as much as we should.  They might have made it out alive themselves, being spared the abortionist’s knife, but spiritually, they’re dead men walking.  So it doesn’t make much sense in trying to kill the people that we are trying to win over. 

The Pro-Life movement is rooted in Christian redemption. We continue to insist that our hopes and prayers for our opponents are for their ultimate redemption through repentance.   It is only through the complete and thorough respect for every single human life that society will be able to turn its back, once and for all, on the culture of death that continues to drag it down.  All human beings have an intrinsic and inalienable dignity given to them by God in whose image we are all created.  Acts of violence against human persons – no matter how heinous the crime they perpetrate – remain forbidden under the moral law. Violent means have no place in seeking to transform this culture of death into a culture of life.  On the other hand, the pro-abort cliques that run the abortion butchery in the world, and the media in particular, cannot pretend to believe that the destruction of innocent human life – and in particular late-term unborn babies – will not occasionally provoke other violence. 

George Tiller was aborted today.  This is a tragedy, just like all abortions are tragedies.

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