Vintage left-wing “democracy”: pro-choicers seek to have 40 Days permit revoked

Pro-choicers in Ottawa are trying to get the city to revoke the 40 Days for Life permit.  Read the story here.  They first tried to match the 40 Days vigil with a constant pro-choice presence of their own, but they failed miserably.  So in typical left-wing fashion, they decided that the pro-life view should be banned.  Almost a replay of what happened at Carleton, but without the hand-cuffs.

We’ve seen this policy of silencing the opposition so often that it’s almost not news-worthy anymore.  Almost.  Sadly, there are still some pro-life people, good people, who just haven’t gotten it yet.  Too many good people have yet to take 40 Days seriously.  Too many people stay at home to watch the hockey game instead of coming out to pray on the sidewalk.

When I talk to some friends about abortion, they throw up their hands and lament about the sad state of our world.  But they don’t come to pray about it with us.  I guess they’re too busy.  It’s a lot easier to cut a cheque to the local pro-life organization and let them worry about it.  Then their conscience can rest at ease as they reassure themselves that “I’ve done my part”.  No, you haven’t.

It’s time to get your flip-flops off the coffee table and head to 65 Bank Street.  The reason that pro-choicers are targeting this initiative is because it works.  Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?

Paul Lauzon, who organizes the Ottawa 40 Days campaign, said it is an issue of freedom of speech.  “We can express ourselves.  You can’t shut us up.  You can’t censor us,” he said.  “We have not been any trouble, and we have done what the permit requires.  We’re not violating the law, with or without a permit.”

“The permit is not a privilege that they give us,” he added.  “It’s basically for their own information so they know who is doing what and where.” (Source)

Right on, Paul.  God bless you for your hard work.

“These people are no-choice unless it’s their choice,” commented Mary Ellen Douglas, national organizer for Campaign Life Coalition.  “They don’t believe in freedom of speech for anybody else, unless it’s their opinion.  (Source)

That sums it up very nicely.

But in reality, the pro-choice people don’t really need to ban 40 Days in order to weaken our effectiveness.  They just need to ensure that TV programming gets a lot better and more entertaining, thus compelling lots of good people to stay home instead of praying.  Heck, if they offered free HDTV and satellite cable to all pro-lifers, 40 Days would be crippled.  Pathetic, but true.

And if this blog is keeping you from praying at the abortion mill, then shut off the computer and get going. 

One thought on “Vintage left-wing “democracy”: pro-choicers seek to have 40 Days permit revoked

  1. Well, I find almost all stuff on the T.V. front, terrible, a grave distraction, boring and full of lies. It is an addictive idol, unfortunately for many.

    We do not watch any T.V. in this household from May till November, and we are better off for it. We only watch E.W.T.N for the most part and make sure we censor our eyes, and ears if we are watching other fare.

    There is far too many important aspects of life to be lived and as a Christian and a Catholic I am called to prioritize because (my?) time belongs to God anyway, and ask myself what would Jesus have me do watch, hear, and say?

    If I don;t keep asking Him, I will fall by the wayside, and become another
    half-measures, half-baked potato, too. ( I am referring to me here, cause I know myself). It requires diligence. and discipline
    and to be honest, I covered my t.v.set with a blanket when I came back into a passionate relationship with Jesus, 11 years ago didn’t even want to look at it,let alone hear its nonsense, and I disconnected the cable. Who wants more of a bad thing?

    On a brighter note about Our Beautiful Savior’s and Blessed Mother Mary’s protection.-
    The day when the lovely group across the street clapped and gave us the thumbs up, shortly before that ,some car pulled up in front where I was holding my Silent No More sign and showing my picture of an aborted child, and it was full of young people. The young girl in the front rolled down her window, and sensing she was going to be confrontational and yell something at me, I just continued praying my Life Rosary. Then a young man in the back seat, rolled down his window, yelled —- you!!! and threw a large hot chocolate drink at me , the cup missed and hit the post beside me. Thank You Jesus! and Mary, and of course St. Joseph, and All the Holy Saints and Angels…I love you and praise you.

    It has been wonderful seeing all the people everyday at the site and God smiles!!!

    Frances Wilkinson

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