Vienna Cardinal: Same-sex relationships need ‘civil law protection’

More courage from the Austrian Cardinal.

If this is not the great age of Apostasy, I don’t know what is.  Ask yourself why this civil union fraud is popular among the bishops and cardinals (even though many of them won’t say it).

There are two principal reasons:

1) They are homosexual.

2) They prefer not to offend over accepting the persecution that will come if they defend the Gospel.

That basically sums it up.   Any bishop or cardinal advancing civil unions is, in my books, ripe for consideration for option number 1.  In fact, they should be confronted and asked the question to their faces.

One thought on “Vienna Cardinal: Same-sex relationships need ‘civil law protection’

  1. Thank God Schoenborn was not elected Pope. Not that he could have done anything as Pope, since it is beyond his authority, but we can’t afford wishy washy, or -uh- option #1 at this time in history

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