VIDEO: “YOU DESERVE TO BE BULLIED!” Says Anti-Bullying Loudmouth

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A rally protesting Bill 13- the Liberal’s controversial anti-bullying legislation- brought hundreds of people out to Dundas Square in Toronto on Thursday, filling the entire city block. News coverage from City TV, Omni News, Toronto Sun, and others showed the protest as it proceeded West from Yonge and Dundas to Queen’s Park.

More impressive than the size of the rally was the diversity of the participants. Leaders and members of various ethnic communities either stood in silent protest, or made presentations to the crowd of onlookers expressing concern over the biased nature of the legislation and the government’s apparent unwillingness to listen to the concerns of traditional-principled citizens.

MPP Lisa McLeod, who took over the PC’s alternative anti-bullying Bill 14, has stated earlier that 80% of the public presentations made to Queen’s Park regarding Bill 13 expressed serious concerns, ranging from infringement on Constitutional rights to the lack of support for all bullying victims. Yet neither the Liberal or NDP party members of the committee have acknowledged these concerns in their amendments of the bill, leading her to summarize the bill’s public hearing process as “a sham”.

Bill 13 has been moved to third reading and will be up for a vote on June 5th, in the hope to be passed before the legislature adjourns and so that implementation can begin in the fall school term.

Protest at Toronto’s Dundas Square against McGuinty Liberals’ Bill 13 – May 31, 2012

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