Video Suggests D&P Has Been Affected By Bloggers & “Real” Catholic Press Pressure

Check this out.

A number of “key dioceses”?  We know about Toronto. But I wonder about the others. I’m not getting my hopes up, but still, the beginning part of this message is encouraging because it suggests that Development & Peace might have been adversely affected beyond what we know.

Note to Michael Casey and the “Regional Assemblies” of Development & Peace:

Your next 5-year program had better not have one pro-abort group in it. Not one.  If it does, Socon or Bust will continue to drop the hammer down and to urge Catholics to boycott your organization.  You can count on that.

You can be sure that we will be going over your new program and tenaciously researching and identifying its partners, and reporting the results on this blog. Because we all know we can’t trust the bishops to do it.

Frankly, you should turn over your money to the Sisters of Charity or Chalice and save a whackload in bloated administrative costs, not to mention ending the continual advance of the pro-abort agenda you’ve been enabling.

And this time, there won’t be any quarter given to the bishops, either.  Depending on the orientation of your new partners, I will hold the bishops directly responsible for the selection of any new partners.  It’s decision time for them as much as it is Development & Peace

Their very credibility on the issue of abortion is on the line.

Are they really pro-life or is it just talk and show?  We’ll all find out soon enough. Because where your money is, is where your heart is too.



4 thoughts on “Video Suggests D&P Has Been Affected By Bloggers & “Real” Catholic Press Pressure

  1. Anyway I look at this, it can`t be in D&P`s interest to have even the appearance of dirt to be found by bloggers like yourself.

    Is it wrong then for me to be optimistic?

  2. I think your too optimistic. I don’t think these guys are too smart from what I’ve seen before. A wise man once told me that “sin makes you stupid”. Your seeing that in spades with this organization.

  3. I agree that I’m probably being too optimistic.

    And I don’t think they’ve been that smart.

    I haven’t followed the conversation long enough to attribute sin, but I do maintain, from a prudential point of view, that its not in their interest to antagonize people that can affect their fundraising.

    Whether the result will be policy change, I don’t knnow.

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