Victory for free speech

Earth to Iranian Embassy: we do things a bit differently in our country.

A controversial film that is critical of Iran’s nuclear program finally aired on Sunday in Ottawa. The movie, called Iranium, had originally been planned to debut in January, but the National Archives, which was hosting the movie, cancelled the show in response to a letter of protest by the Iranian Embassy.

After a public uproar in Ottawa, the National Archives finally decided to show the movie this past Sunday. Heritage Minister James Moore was very critical of the cancellation in January, but it’s not yet clear how many strings he pulled behind the scenes to make the National Archives change their mind.

It’s good to see freedom of speech prevail — for a change.

In our free society, the Iranian Embassy has the right to protest against virtually anything it wants. That’s what free speech is all about. Although I can’t help but notice the magnificent irony in the Embassy seeking to have its views taken into account by the government while back home the Iranian government tends to be less receptive of free speech and democratic values.

The National Archives must shoulder the blame for this fiasco. In any democracy, the State plays an important role in protecting freedom of speech. The National Archives, being a Crown corporation, has no business caving in to pressures from a foreign embassy

Earth to National Archives: this is Canada. Get with it. You’re giving Canadians a bad name.

2 thoughts on “Victory for free speech

  1. I hope Canadians are getting in touch with their Senators to put an end to the bad legislation of Bill C-389 the Transgendered Bathroom Bill. It is in the Senate and they can refuse to pass this very bad legislation. If they reject this evil Bill they are valuable to the citizens.

  2. I hope you will protect your wives and children from the legal access that sexual predators desire when they are using Canadian bathrooms? Politics is overwhelmingly important. The rotters are passing evil legislation every chance they get because the so-called faithful are in a fog. WAKE UP! We worked very hard to raise the age of sex consent in 2008.

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