Victory for Free Speech in France

PARIS, November 17, 2008 ( – A judgment against a French parliamentarian for “homophobic” hate speech was overturned by the nation’s Court of Appeals last week. Deputy Christian Vanneste was convicted in 2006 of “homophobic” speech after stating in 2004 that “homosexuality is inferior to heterosexuality.  If it were universalized it would be dangerous for humanity.” He also called the behavior of homosexuals “bigoted.” The French Court of Appeals overturned the lower court ruling, remarking that “if the disputed remarks were able to hurt the feelings of certain homosexual people, their contents do not go beyond the limits of freedom of expression.”…

The Gay Jackboot has been apparently kicked down a notch…at least for the time being.  This is a small victory for free speech against the sexual dictators of the age who brook no dissent to their propaganda.   The Left was all giddy in the ’60s when they demanded the “right to free speech” in order to poison the common good with their perverse ideologies. Now that the Right is demanding “our rights”, they just can’t t-o-l-e-r-a-t-e it. 

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