Victory: Development and Peace cuts funding for Fr. Arriaga and Centre PRODH

On May 18, Development and Peace sent a letter to its members explaining that it had cut funding to the Centre PRODH.

While there are several problems with the spin D&P used in that letter, let’s leave that for another day. Today we focus on the good news and celebrate the fact that another inappropriate partner has been taken off payroll.

Take a moment to give thanks to God!

D&P will now be able to take that money and send it to another group, approved by the Mexican bishops, that will spend 100% of its resources on helping the Mexican people in an ethical manner.

No more money wasted on rubbing elbows with rabid pro-aborts at award ceremonies or lobbying the government to not defend the unborn.

Both Canadian donors and Mexican recipients will get more bang for their social justice buck. The Mexican people will get more social justice, not less, as some liberal Catholics are claiming. More money to feed the poor, teach democratic values, protect women from abuse, treat the sick. D&P will become much more focused and efficient in its social justice work.

And it will all be done in keeping with the Church’s teaching on the sacredness of life.

This is a major victory, in particular because of its symbolism. The Centre PRODH was one of the groups originally exonerated by the bishops’ whitewash report, but now criticized by the same bishops. This suggests that the momentum is turning and that the bishops are increasingly facing up to the evidence.

Let’s keep praying and working!

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