Veteran BBC anchorman spills beans on network’s bias

Peter Sissons lets the cat out of the bag in this article in the Daily Mail.

For 20 years I was a front man at the BBC, anchoring news and current ­affairs programmes, so I reckon nobody is better placed than me to ­answer the question that nags at many of its viewers — is the BBC biased?

In my view, ‘bias’ is too blunt a word to describe the subtleties of the ­pervading culture. The better word is a ‘mindset’. At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of the Left. (Source)

Mr. Sissons explains that the BBC had an internal position on just about every subject, which obviously influenced how they covered events:

At any given time there is a BBC line on everything of importance, a line usually adopted in the light of which way its senior echelons believe the political wind is ­blowing. This line is rarely spelled out explicitly, but percolates subtly throughout the organisation.

Whatever the United Nations is associated with is good — it is heresy to question any of its activities. The EU is also a good thing, but not quite as good as the UN. Soaking the rich is good, despite well-founded economic arguments that the more you tax, the less you get. And Government spending is a good thing, although most BBC ­people prefer to call it investment, in line with New Labour’s terminology.

All green and environmental groups are very good things. Al Gore is a saint. George Bush was a bad thing, and thick into the bargain. Obama was not just the Democratic Party’s candidate for the White House, he was the BBC’s. Blair was good, Brown bad, but the BBC has now lost interest in both.

Trade unions are mostly good things, especially when they are fighting BBC managers. Quangos are also mostly good, and the reports they produce are usually handled uncritically. The Royal Family is a bore. Islam must not be offended at any price, although ­Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.

I’m sure the same could be said of many networks, most notably the CBC.

And maybe if Christians started showing more backbone, we wouldn’t be picked on so often.

One thought on “Veteran BBC anchorman spills beans on network’s bias

  1. This has been going on in Canada for decades, but false Christians the Nicolaitans are being socially engineered just like the secular pagans. I call this atheism by establishment. Politically Correct Relativism has it’s own god. One of The Fathers of Western Education Professor John Dewey wrote about his god in his book entitled, ” A Common Faith “. Here is how he ended this book,” Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class, or race. Such a faith has always been implicitly the common faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant.” This Religion is enforced with Jackboots by court enforcement and government decree; as many of our sanctity of life students can testify. You know that in a democracy the citizens are accountable and responsible for the laws of the land, and we have proven this to you without a shadow by joining together and changing the evil Law and Legislation that was legally allowing the sexual exploitation of Canadian children in 2008.

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