‘Very cold, dark winter’ for Catholic Church unless Synod addresses failure since 1968 to preach sexual teachings – Humanae Vitae preacher

“For four decades and more, the people have not heard the message of the Church on marriage,” McCaffrey said. If the Synod does not address this problem, “we’re going to have a very cold dark winter ahead of the Church,” he predicted.


“The horrible thing today is people have not heard this teaching of Humanae Vitae explained clearly and in a loving way. That’s the real problem,” he said. “And that’s why I say to this Synod: ‘Please send a questionnaire, out to all of the bishops, priests, and deacons of the world, asking them why they are not getting the message of Humanae Vitae and [Saint John Paul II’s] Theology of the Body out to the people in the pews.” Father McCaffrey called the social acceptance of contraception the “root of the problem” facing the Church today regarding the issues of marriage, divorce, and homosexuality.  It’s the root cause, in my opinion, for much of the heartache that the Church has today with regard to marriage.” Homosexuality is “part and parcel of the whole thing,” he said, adding: “Once you separate the unitive from the procreative, you can do anything. You can perform any perverted act that you want. And that’s why this is a root issue.” “That’s why I’m so adamant about proclaiming this, because, if we don’t settle this matter clearly, I don’t see the Synod doing very very much in this area of evangelization in the married life.” “It’s very sad, and it breaks my heart that we have the light, the truth, and why don’t we share it with the people forcefully and lovingly? We are the last hope of the world. Why don’t we get up and bring the message of God to the people?” he asked. (Source)

I tried, folks. I really tried, but very few listened.

The Church hierarchy here did not listen.  The priests did not listen.  And the laity, for the most part, did not listen.

If the Church adopts this scam pastoral heresy that is being floated about, you can think of “dark ages”….because that is all there will be.  Just darkness.

2 thoughts on “‘Very cold, dark winter’ for Catholic Church unless Synod addresses failure since 1968 to preach sexual teachings – Humanae Vitae preacher

  1. Indeed. Since the 1960s we have been in a very, very, dark period. It may take centuries to get out it. We know Christ wins in the very end, but in our earthly lives it is unlikely that we will see anything but what looks like the self-destruction of the Church.

    The most difficult task nowadays is how to transmit the Faith, whole and entire, to our children such that they will transmit it to our grandchildren, and do this when *clergy* actively undermine your efforts.

  2. Church in The New Testament referred to parties of Christians not buildings.Clergy and laity were terms invented by Bishops who redefined Church to mean buildings.That is why they are called The Edifice Fathers.Everyone ought to study them in context.The Pagans had their buildings and Priests. Your body is the temple of The Holy Spirit.One has to be a disciple of Christ to be able to transmit Christianity to others.Christ tells you that He knows His sheep, and His sheep know Him. They do not follow the hirling because they only recognize Christ`s voice! When the wolf comes the hirling runs away. One ought to be able to distinguish between the two vices in order to transmit Faith in Christ.When clergy decide to do their own thing,you follow Christ. Transmit Faith in Him as the New Testament disciples did.You have the blueprint. Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism in about the year 307.He converted many Pagan Temples to Churches and Priests to Christianity.

    In 1962 The Supreme Court of The United States declared School Lord`s Prayer Unconstitutional,and invented a new State Sanctioned Worldview-Religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism. This New Religion spread like wildfire throughout The Western World. Supreme Court Justices are less than 1% of the Lawyer Class.Democratic Federal and State politicians who are supposed to represent the citizens who elect them;almost always allow this minority to dictate morality and Law to the general public. Political apathy,indifference and democratic complaisance of our public has caused this. Now the tenets of Secular Pagan morality and justice are taught to schoolchildren from Kindergarten. Don’t you know that a Pagan society only wants a Pagan State Church/Worldview? My contemporaries in Canada and The West started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer,led by their School Teachers,because our Parents,Grandparents and Priests politically kept it that way. They Democratically ruled the West through their elected politicians. If the politicians did not do as the people wanted,they were turfed,but most complied when they saw the writing on the wall.This was when Christian Democratic citizens gave a political rip. Now schoolteachers and homosexual activists teach students the tenets of so-called neutral Secular Paganism,as legalized human rights,because of the political apathy of the majority of Western democratic people,and clergy.

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