Venezuela: Chávez weeps at Mass, begs for healing

Even sane Socialists come around eventually.

The only thing, ultimately, that keeps us from God is our pride, not our past sins.  Every possible sin – even the most heinous one ever committed – can be forgiven by God.

You just need to let Him do it.

Give God permission.  Just say Yes to God and let Him work on you.  That’s it.

Look at Hugo, here.  He got it.  Praise God that he has repented (we hope).  Let’s pray that Obama does the same thing one day.

The difference between Hugo and Hitchens isn’t that great in their offenses to God.   But their final decision of whether they hold on to their damnable pride is the difference between an eternity with that pride in a place where God is not versus an eternity without it and in a place called Paradise.


7 thoughts on “Venezuela: Chávez weeps at Mass, begs for healing

  1. Nice sentiment, but in the same breath he’s still talking about carrying on the revolution. The day he stops palling around with the likes of Ahmedinejad, and arresting and killing his opponents I’ll believe it.
    Meanwhile i support the sentiment, and will pray that he will repent as Nebuchadnezzar and Darius did.

  2. You’re right, Neal. That’s why I have added the “we hope” in paranthesis. 🙂

    There is a chance that he’s just using God to get better only. That would be a mistake.

  3. So you have a problem with repentance, Pepe? You appear to bandy about the accusation of “hate” like it’s the latest fad. Is everything that you disagree with “hate”. If someone says, “no” to you, are they hatey-hate haters? 🙂

    • I don’t think that Pepe has a problem with repentance. I would say he rather has a problem of misinformation about the Catholic Church, that’s why he speaks about “hate and non sense”. Most probably Pepe doesn’t have a clue of what the Catholic Church believes and teaches …

  4. The “hate” label is flung around by Internet tribalists who are hoping for a sudden surge of similarly-minded “anti-haters” (or something, I guess) to come flooding over the horizon like the some weird cavalry to teach the “hater” a lesson in who’s who, and what’s what, and who’s on the “right side of history” and junk and stuff so there.

    To answer your question, Paycheck, if someone says “no” to Pepe, then Pepe DOES in fact think that makes them a hatey-haterson from hatersonville. So now we got THAT settled, huh?

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