Vatican to Muslim Leaders: Condemn ‘Barbaric’ Islamic State or Lose All Credibility

The office said the “unspeakable criminal acts” – the beheading, crucifying and hanging of bodies in public places, the “barbaric practice of infibulation,” the abduction of women and girls as spoils of war, and the destruction of Christian religious symbols – required a “clear and courageous stance on the part of religious leaders, especially Muslims.”  “If not, what credibility will religions, their followers and their leaders have?” the statement warned. (Source)

This is a good sign that the Vatican is finally starting to wake up to the threat of Islamic violence.   Talk and money are not enough either.  Military intervention is required.

For the past 50 years since Vatican II, the whole approach to inter-religious dialogue and ecumenism has been undertaken with a certain “rose coloured glasses” approach.  In many respects, it has not been honest. In order to have a truly fruitful dialogue the Catholic Church must be true to who She is and ensure the other party knows what She thinks of her own identity.  This faux deference to other religions is not only fatal to evangelization, but ultimately means that we are wasting our time.

The reality is that Catholics need to call a spade a spade to all other religionists….just like Benedict did in Regensburg.  Remember Regensburg?  Benedict was prophetic but what he had to say did not sit well with a lot of the Church hierarchy, including, sad to say, then Cardinal Bergoglio.



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