Vatican keeping eye on case of Iranian woman sentenced to stoning

Welcome to Sharia law 101.  An Iranian woman is scheduled to be stoned for adultery. Then she gets convicted to 99 lashes because somebody attached her name to the wrong photograph.  This could be the future of some Western countries in 100 years.

Vatican taking an interest in case of Iranian woman sentenced to stoning

September 06, 2010

The Vatican is following reports about the scheduled execution of a Iranian woman by stoning, officials have confirmed.

Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, declined to answer a question about whether Pope Benedict would intervene on behalf of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who has been sentenced to death for adultery. The papal spokesman explained that if the Vatican did become involved, it would work through diplomatic channels rather than issuing public statements.

However Father Lombardi did reaffirm that the Church opposes the use of the death penalty; he added that “stoning is a particularly brutal form.” (Source)

As if this woman’s fate wasn’t already bad enough, it gets worse.  The Times of London ran a report on her situation but they accidentally published the article with the photograph of another woman who wasn’t wearing a head scarf.  As a result, the poor Iranian woman could be on the receiving end of 99 lashes for not wearing a head scarf: 

Meanwhile, Ashtiani also faces a sentence of 99 lashes because of a photograph in a newspaper, but opponents of the execution say it is a case of mistaken identity.

Iranian authorities imposed the sentence after they saw the photo of a woman without a head scarf in the newspaper, said the International Committee Against Stoning, a human rights group.

In an apology, The Times of London, which ran the photo on its front page August 28, said the woman was wrongly identified as Ashtiani.

The Times said the photo actually is of Susan Hejrat, a political activist living in Sweden. (Source)

Imagine that: a newspaper in a foreign country, thousands of kilometres away, screws up by publishing a picture with your name on it and suddenly your government convicts you of a crime. So much for due process and a fair trial.  That’s pretty scary.

I sure hope the feminists in the West are taking notice.

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