Vatican Strong Arms Faithful Priest-Reporter

Pope Francis has styled himself as a pope who wants a more collaborative approach to how the Church functions.  Since his election, he has emphasized this collegial approach, even to the point of identifying himself as “bishop of Rome”, instead of “the Pope”.  But more and more, it’s becoming evident that the people he has put in charge of many things don’t share this open approach.

In point of fact, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen the tendency of clerics to abuse their power and presume to control and suppress opinions that they just don’t like.  The latest evidence of this can gleaned by the latest scandal coming out of the Synod where a Catholic priest had his press credentials revoked.

Amid continuing concern about the Vatican press office’s “manipulation” of the family synod’s message, a priest who has been covering Vatican news for over 15 years had his credentials revoked last week, and was told to leave the premises “immediately.” The revocation came after he had challenged an archbishop following the October 6 press conference over comments claiming that allowing Communion for the divorced and remarried is up for debate.

Now you might think that this is a new development in the Catholic Church.  But really it’s not that new.  Readers will recall what happened here in Canada a few years ago when John Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews was barred from covering the Plenary Session of the CCCB.  The heat surrounding the Development and Peace abortion scandal was way too much for the CCCB’s media handlers.  They decided to pull the plug and ban independent media scrutiny.   What was Fr. Rosica’s role in that decision?  One can only speculate.  However, it would not be out of character to believe he had some role in it, considering these comments he famously made during this interview:

The reality of what is happening today, however, is just a logical continuation of what we have seen in the past, except that instead of it weakening the Canadian Church, this putsch has been exported to the universal church.  It’s quite sad to see, and it represents yet another “gift” that the Canadian Church has given to the Universal one.  Along with the Winnipeg Statement, the Canadian “branch” has very little to be proud of indeed.  We are an international embarrassment, and the devil’s dupes on the world stage.  Jesus have mercy on us.

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