Vatican II Conference Cancelled

It is my great disappointment to report that the Vatican II Conference that I hoped to help organize this Fall, in the Year of the Faith, will not be happening.

After negotiations with the Archdiocese of Ottawa, we were able to overcome some of the more minor obstacles, but we could not agree on the presence and the ultimate message of the Keynote speaker (and no, it’s not anyone with an “internet” personality at all).

It is not appropriate for me to give any more details.

Please pray for the Church and the Archbishop and yours truly.  It has been a very disturbing experience for me, personally.

The Spirit of Vatican II is more entrenched than we could possibly imagine.

16 thoughts on “Vatican II Conference Cancelled

  1. Dear John,

    I can’t wait to find out who, and in the meantime, I am very exited about this conference and it makes me happy just thinking about it so in turn I am really happy to post a wonderful experience today at St. Patrick’s 12:15 Mass.

    I heard an amzing homily by none other than Father Kennedy about Fatima and Our Blessed Mother Maryrelating to end times and what She told the children, Jacintha, Lucy, and Francesco.

    He spoke for a good long time and it was all centered around Fatima and our Lady, and most importantly , instead of saying that Russia had been consecrated to Her Immacualte Heart, he told the One Truth, that, NO IT HAS NOT BEEN AS OF YET. In the end Our Lady says Her Immaculate
    Heart Will Be Consecrated.
    Everything was very good that he said except although he did not say it was neccesarily true, the fact that some people interpret Pope John Paul’s assasination attempt as being part of one of the Secret’s being fullfilled. That according to the The Devil’s Final Battle and all the facts is not one of the prediction’s fullfilled. It does not even properly fit it. Otherwise…What a Godly treat, and hopeful experience to encounter that at Mass.

    Interestingly, I had attended Mass yesterday with my Hubbv, to fullfill my Sunday obligations because I thought I would not be able to go today, because of a pressing issue that I thought would stop me. As it turned out, I had this streong urge very stong urge today, (I think it was a mixture of Blessed Mother Mary, and The Holy Spirit that kept saying to me drop everything no matter what it is and get yourself to St. Pat’s .

    I was so happy, not just, that I was at a Mass that has some solemn piety and appreciation of Latin tradtion, but that I heard one of the best Homilies in ages.

    Thank You Father Daryl Kennedy.!!! May God richly Bless you.!!! He certainly did with me through you today, Dear Father, and I cannot say Thanks, enough. You made my day.!

    I was smiling ear to ear after hearing such a great Homily about end times, and the message of hope and to pray for those most lost, and in need , who need our prayers so much,
    but also the lenghtly discourse regarding Our Blessed Lady, and Her Appearance and Promises at Fatima.

  2. I come from the USA so I am not from Canada bu I think it is a good idea to “take back” the Second Vatican Council from the groups that have foisted the false “Spirit of Vatican II” They are the school of thought in the 1960’s called “Concilium” and they saw and still see the Council as a Break or Rupture or a “New Church” an idea that both John Paul II and Benedict XVI as well as Venerable Paul VI was and still is WRONG. This is what Pope Paul and Benedict mean by HERMENUITICS MY opinion is that those who continue to hold this wrong opinion will soon be replaced by a new and younger generation who actually READ all the Council Documents and will follow them.

  3. Yup, there certainly are wolves in Canada. The enemies within are, indeed, “entrenched”, and will hold on tightly to their little fiefdoms for as long as they are able.

    Very sorry, Paycheck, that it didn’t work out. Am holding back what I would really like to say about the Ottawa Archdiocese.

  4. “The Spirit of Vatican II”, is a buzz phrase, a veritable blank cheque, for all forms, of liturgical and catechetical novelty. Vatican II, in my judgement, is simply not reclaimable. It is the product of the “Nouvelle Theologie”, that is the re-packaged modenism condemned in “Humani Generis”. Of course, conciliar harpies, in Ottawa will not let the dissident status quo, be questioned. Welcome to Catholic Canada, land of the Winnipeg Statement.

  5. Sorry to hear this… I was considering travelling from NS to attend. You probably would have had no prob if it was Paul Lakeland scheduled to speak…

  6. John…I am so sorry…I have been under such spiritual attack these days, as well for promoting life and speaking the Truth about what happens in high places, in the correct spirit of course, that is speaking up as a little child would, honestly and also for following what my God tells me about honoring tradition, and not people pleasing or compromising with anything that is not pleasing to God. Especially today with an flimsy death threat made to me at a meeting where I was called or rather yelled at “An ugly stupid b…., as well as cray just because I am a Christian and a Catholic.

    Oh, the nothing down below is angry and so are his servants who never sleep. I will continue to pray for you, and your heroic attemnpts to bring forth this conference. God will make it happen and no efforts by evil spirits can stop it if we persevere
    in Faith. and much prayer. Do not let the evil one think he has won. We with Gods’ grace cannot lose. It just is not yet the time.

    God Bless you
    for Life
    in Jesus, Mary and Joseph
    and ikn the Father, Son Jesus Chrsit and The Holy Ghost

  7. It is over 50 years since I left Anglicanism to become RC. While I loved their liturgy, they were clearly a church divided between the Catholic and Protestant traditions, and a divided house cannot stand.

    It is with a heavy heart that I see a similar divide today in the RC church.

    Perhaps I should try out the new ordinariat.

  8. So sorry to hear that the conference is not coming about – I was really looking forward to it. In God’s perfect time, it may happen yet.
    The “spirit of Vatican II” was a terrorist that hijacked the good & stripped churches of prayers, art, devotions as well as ensconsing liberal people in high positions.
    If the Church in the future is split by schism, I will be ROMAN Catholic – the Canadian Catholic Church makes me want to vomit!
    Bless you for all you do.

  9. If only we had some CATHOLIC Bishops in Canada, and not just some people posing as such!
    They are more interested in their own publicity and image, than they are in the Proclamation of the Faith.
    The Ottawa Archdiocese is known for having this type of Archbishop. Got one again

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