3 thoughts on “Vatican directs faithful not to host Medjugorje ‘seers’

  1. For the life of me I can’t understand the hostility of many ‘good’ Catholics towards the Medjugorje apparitions. I went there in 1995 and came back renewed and in many ways spiritually healed. I went to Confession after nearly 20 years’ absence, began to fast twice a week for 6 months and by the grace of God was delivered of many sinful habits. I pray the skeptics would only go there themselves before condemning it out of hand.

  2. Hi Helene,

    I’m happy for your conversion experience.

    There are so many reasons why Medjugorje is a major problem. Just search this blog for “Medjugorje” and you’ll find plenty of links and documentation, including a report of the investigations of the local bishop showing doctrinal errors from the “apparition” and “Our Lady’s” orders to disobey Blessed John Paul II. Then there are the charges being brought by the Vatican against one of the priests who masterminded the hoax.

    For the record, I visited Medjugorje in 2002, when I still thought it was authentic (ie before I read up and got informed). I experienced nothing special in Medjugorje, nor did my mom who accompanied me.

    Ultimately, it’s not about what any of us felt, but about the objective investigations and numerous commissions, all of which have concluded that there was no support for authentic apparitions.

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