Vatican cracks down on dissenting Mexican bishop

They should put up a new sign at the Vatican that says: “Under New Management”. It seems like Pope Benedict was holding himself back during the first five years of his pontificate, but now he’s hacking. Here’s the latest:

Mexican bishop confirms Vatican inquiry into his support for homosexual group

Lima, Peru, Jul 28, 2011 / 06:04 pm (CNA).- Bishop Raul Vera Lopez of Saltillo, Mexico has told a Mexican newspaper he has received “a series of questions” from the Vatican about his support for the San Elredo community, which holds positions on homosexuality that are contrary to Church teaching. (Source)

One by one, these dissenters will be exhorted to return to the fold or risk being re-assigned to the diocese of Antarctica. There’s nowhere to hide in this age of the Internet. Some might call this a witch-hunt. Nonsense. It’s the equivalent of being fired for incompetence.

Just like Development and Peace, the Mexican bishop above has chosen to shoot the messenger and claim that he’s the victim of “false claims” instead of dealing with the substance of the evidence brought against him. The evidence comes from his own pen (that’s the worst kind):

In March of this year, Bishop Vera published a statement on the diocesan website expressing support for the “sexual, family and religious diversity forum.” The event was aimed at “eradicating what some sectors of the Church believe about homosexuality” — especially the belief “that homosexual actions are contrary to God.”

That’ll get you noticed.

I hope other bishops will take notice and clean up their act before they receive their pink slip.

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