Vatican Bureaucracy Spooked by Bloggers

“…Vatican correspondent and blogger Paolo Rodari wrote that an “important Vatican personality” told him during the meeting that “some bloggers’ views” have a great impact on the appointment of bishops. But Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, remarked after the summit that some bloggers’ “aggressive language” is “astonishing.” For some Catholic bloggers, their voice is a necessary counterweight to a perceived anti-Catholic bias of traditional media. “The Internet is the land of he who speaks louder. So we have to shout too,” noted one French blogger, Francois Jeanne-Beylot….” (Source)

“Aggressive language” is “astonishing”?   When you’re dealing with a bureacracy that has closed their hearts and ears to the Gospel of Life and just wants to go along to get along with the world, anything that seeks to shake up and take down that disposition is going to be seen as “aggressive”.  I don’t doubt that Jesus’s language sounded “aggressive” too when He sought to challenge the religious leaders of His day.  

The “mortal sin” for liberals today is for a conservative to challenge their little kingdoms and not be nice about it.   A dumbed-down culture gets more upset about being called out, than addressing the subject of what is being called out.  It’s the “Jack Layton Phenomenon”. 

You see, it’s not that calling out CanChurch is bad. It’s that you have to do it politely and not get too upset about their wicked activities.   “Excuse me, sir, would you mind removing that knife from that baby’s skull? Thanks so much for your kind consideration.”

Our media, he summarized, “should search, and help in the search. Our media should not become, allow me to say it this way, instruments of a religious or cultural fundamentalism.” (Source)

In regards to Archbishop Celli’s comments above, what do you all suppose he means by “religious or cultural fundamentalism”?  Who do you think he’s talking to? And who do you think his friends are?  The poor Holy Father is surrounded by those who don’t much care for his view of the Church.

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