Vancouver fans show class

It was nice to see the Vancouver fans in the arena tonight give a loud applause to the Bruins following their win.

They generously applauded Tim Thomas when he hoisted the Connie Smythe trophy (very much deserved). They also applauded the Bruins players as they circled the ice with the Stanley Cup.

Well done, fans. True sportsmanship, class and dignity.

That’s how you do it.

That said, some fans outside the arena have not been so classy. As I write these lines, they had already overturned a car and set it on fire. I pray that it doesn’t get any worse.┬áLet’s not let those losers spoil the moment.

Congrats to the Bruins and also to the Canucks for a great season and playoff run.

One thought on “Vancouver fans show class

  1. I take issue with calling the thugs and looters that ransacked Vancouver last night were Canucks Fans. The trouble makers used an event to cause mayhem. they couldn’t care less about the Canucks, or Vancouver. many were photographed and videotaped, and the local police are working to round them up. Meanwhile, the citizens of Vancouver came out with brooms and bags to clean up the mess.
    Go Canucks Go!

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