Vacation Bible School @ St Maurice Parish – Day 1

Every year, my parish has a “Vacation Bible School” for the kids of the parish in the first week of July.  The “school” covers more than just the bible, of course.  The kids learn about the faith through 5 different “stations”:  Music, Snack, Craft, Activity, and Faith along with a Drama skit at the beginning of the day.  The week long school runs in the mornings from Tuesday – Friday, and it’s staffed with plenty of volunteers to manage the 50 kids who are enrolled this year.  I decided to stay awhile before going to work yesterday since I loved being there so much.   Below are a few pictures of Day 1 of the VBS.  The first one is a picture of the opening “prayer song” at the beginning of the day.  You’ll notice our pastor, Fr. Tim Devine, on key boards in the background and Seminarian Brian Sabourin on guitar.  At the Music station, the kids will help learn about the Faith from the Donut Man (a convert to the Catholic Faith from Evangelical protestantism).  I have to admit that in burning some of his songs on CDs as part of the registration package for the kids (legally of course), I am becoming a secret fan of his music.  He’s just so darn happy, it’s infectious!  If you play the music enough, you start to become optimistic and happy yourself.  I think I have found some medicine when I get too depressed when blogging or reading the news.  Second pic below is my Emmie with her chocolate, edible rosary. Third pic is the artistic abilities of the kids at the Craft Station in constructing their holy water fonts (plastic cup on wooden base).

And remember everyone, just like the Donut Man says,

Life without God’s love is like a donut ’cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart.

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