4 thoughts on “Urban Warfare on Abortion

  1. JMJ

    I know who doesn´t love it!

    Thanks, John, for a great photo. Can you tell us where this is? We might reroute our vacation just to go see it in person.

    We pray to the Holy Ghost that he give pro lifers health, extra endurance and courage. Come Holy Ghost, take us over, control us, and act through us so that we can do your Holy Will in all things and especially in ending this feminist mania called abortion.

  2. Do not blame women “feminists” alone for abortion. In fact do not blame feminists period. This has at its roots satan and all evil occult spirits
    .Feminism , and why it began is not some simple evil thing not to mention the first feminists thought abortion was awful , and tha tit hurt women, stripped them of their dignity, and took away the responsibility that men should have towards the woman and their child. In fact the idea of abortion becoming the great profitable , blood-money making industry it has become I am sure has a lot ot do with men in positions of great power as well as those amongst the medical profession as well, and how can we forget The Marquis De Sade who said his famous quote attributing and as usual blaming women and feminists. I would also remind some ignorant men who are only too willing just like the ones who blame Eve for everything since Adam was not doing his job, in the first place (that would be… protecting and watching out for her, not to mention sacrificing himself for her sake, that Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary is the redeemed Eve and She, certainly, along with Our Blessed Lord does not hold this attitude towards Jesus’ and Her daughters, true feminism or why feminism even began, in the first place.

    Tell the above reader to look at the quote by Alice Paul one of these “bad feminists “or Stanton or others. When men make comments like this it hurts women more than anything and they show where they need a good dose of Truth , for such rash rationalization and generalization as well as, for adding to, as well as encouraging, by such statements, the unfortunate lies and victim mentality of men, who will not be true men according to God ,and instead,continue to blame women instead of dying to self, loving and serving first, as God commands them, to their wives and families, even to the point of death if required and being a true examples, as Jesus is in loving women. Scores of men who will not be true men according to God , still love to pull out the feminist card about anything and or any time, it suits them and they do great damage to women and reveal their resentment and hatred of Gods daughters and lack of Godly love towards Gods’ daughters, plus it is untrue and tiresome, and it is exactly what the serpent wants and himself in his own diabolical way,has been doing since the beginning of time, as he hates women more than anything since Mary is woman and he always goes after women , knowing if he can hurt women who are representative of God’s majesty of the lovers and nurturers and ruin them manking them to be hated and mockery and carricatures of of who they are meant tobe when LOVED I may add by true men,as they then blossom and can be the women God intends them to be, he will have achieved what he wants. Maybe if men were men according to what God says and what is HIs expectations and description of character and virtues of true Godly men entails, then feminism as we know it today would disappear as Deacon Bob McDonald said so astutely in” The Catholic Family: Image and Likeness of God Volumes 1 and 11 “. Perhaps men could read them and maybe have the same compassion and understanding as to what has happened to women according to God, as well as to men, especially when they come out with these simplistic generalized comments such as this.
    Being a woman, and one who loves God and what God loves I will speak up for women as well as men when it comes to the. Truth and I might mention I am very involved with Pro-Life and Silent No More as well as have great compassion as to why women end up being involved with the deaths of their own children in the first place. I will also remind him that it was mostly male doctors who wanted abortion to be made into the great money making industry that it has become, and even though a woman may be chairing Planned Parenthood, look who she is in cohorts with , not a doctor only the President of the United States. Ultimately the devil is the one who is behind the war of men vs. women so please let us stop blaming women or men, and get down tot he Truth, and just the Truth.

    Lord Have Mercy

  3. Western Democracies were Christian of sorts in Government, Law and Education,therefore suffragettes etc., could resort to the authority of the Bible to be considered equal humans.

    Gandhi also used this understanding to acquire freedom from slavery for Indians from The British.

    William Wilberforce wrote a book in the European languages in 1797 titled,” A PRACTICAL VIEW OF THE PENDING RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF PROFESSED CHRISTIANS, IN THE HIGHER AND MIDDLE CLASSES IN THIS COUNTRY, CONTRASTED WITH REAL CHRISTIANITY. To prove what the majority of Western Scientists,Supreme Court High Justices,Politicians,Priests,Ministers led the people to believe was not Real Christianity, but a masquerade.

    In a democracy the definitions are left to the voting public,as the politicians they elect to rule them, and their children pass Bills into Laws that everyone has to live by. The truth is that Christ has given us volition to use as we please, and therefore political apathy and indifference is a diabolical choice. Only devils want to sweep this under the rug.

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